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“Ava!!” Dee shouted as she made her way up the stairs, “Ava Elizabeth Sambora if you’ve woken your brother up with that infernal music I swear…” she yelled as she entered the young girls bedroom, “And you can tidy this place up too, it’s a pigsty.” she said as she crossed over to turn the music down.

Ava just made a face at her and turned back to her laptop. Heather and Richie had come to an agreement and Ava lived with her mum during the week and with her dad at weekends, giving her mum some much needed space and giving Ava a sense of stability.

Dee smiled at her step daughter and reached down to plant a kiss on her head.

“Dee you know your room is sound proofed. I could kill someone in here and Stephen wouldn’t wake up.” the young girl retorted, trying to keep the smile from her face.

“Ok smart ass. Your mum called, she’ll be here in about five minutes. Have you got everything packed?” Dee asked, looking at the badly packed suitcase lying open on Ava’s bed.

“Look just go downstairs and wait for her, I’ll pack for you.” she sighed reaching for the case.

Dee deftly emptied and repacked the case before picking it up and taking it downstairs. She reached the top of the one remaining staircase and decided to check in on her son.

She quietly crept into the darkened room and crossed over to the crib. Stephen Simon Sambora was fast asleep, a shock of dark brown hair peeking out from the covers. He was eight months old and growing so fast she didn’t know where the time had gone.

She smiled as she looked at him. She kept wanting to touch him to prove he was real. It was her second wedding anniversary tomorrow and she felt that she was in a dream.

Richie had dragged her off to Vegas the day after she had broken down and cried on him and had married her there and then. It was only the fact that Jon had then given her a job as Richie‘s PA, claiming she was the only one who could do the job that allowed her to stay in the US whilst their wedding paperwork was sorted out. It had come through so fast she knew Jon’d had a hand in it but was never able to prove it.

She quietly shut the door leaving their son asleep and hefted the bag, through the baby gate and down the stairs to find Ava had let her mum in.

She looked at her, fresh in a cream linen suit, and smiled. She and Heather had found a kind of friendship since the wedding and had developed a sort of respect between them.

“Hi Heather, how was the drive?” she asked as she put Ava’s suitcase on the hallway floor.

The marble was still there but had been carpeted over with a thick cream plush than ran up the staircase as well. The infamous staircase had been pulled down after Dee had moved in and the top blocked off. Numerous large rugs covered the cream carpet, making it even more cosy.

“Hellish, you know LA in the afternoon.” Heather smiled.

“You got time for a drink before you leave?”

“Oh god yeah, coffee please.”

They heard a yell coming from the den.

“Footie’s on and the boy’s are in.” Dee said shrugging.

“Oh god, football.” Heather sighed, rolling her eyes as she placed her handbag on the kitchen table.

“Tell me about it.” replied Dee as she switched the kettle on.

Another yell sounded from the den and Dee just shook her head.

“I need to talk to Richie but I’m never going to be able to pull him away from the game, not with Jon and the boys in there.” Dee said pouring boiling water into two mugs and then handing one to Heather

“Why do you need to talk to him?” Heather asked, as she sipped her coffee.

“Can you keep a secret?” Dee asked, bursting with news and desperate to tell someone.


Dee handed her a blue plastic stick.

“Don’t worry, I washed it.”

Heather reached over to hug the younger woman, happy that she was able to do the one thing that Heather hadn’t; namely make Richie happy.

She sat back and drained the small cup before getting up and walking to the entrance to the den.

Richie was lounging in his LazEboy and the rest of the band were sprawled out on the huge sofa, with Tico standing in the doorway smoking a cigar.

Heather walked over to Richie and tried to get his attention but he just held his hand up, as if he was waving away an insect. She narrowed her eyes and walked back to the kitchen.

“RICHARD STEPHEN SAMBORA GET YOUR ASS IN THIS KITCHEN RIGHT NOW!!” she yelled, knowing that the sound of her voice had an almost pavlovian effect on him.

Richie was up and halfway to the kitchen before the realisation that he was no longer married to Heather registered. He looked at her puzzled that she could still have that effect on him; like his mum yelling at him to clean his room.

Heather motioned for him to come into the kitchen, before picking up her bag and going to collect her daughter who was sat on the stairs playing with her itouch ipod.

Dee smiled at her husband as he walked towards her with a look of puzzled annoyance on his face. She handed him the blue plastic stick and waited for it to register.

Jon was really into the game as was David. Tico had wandered out into the garden to finish his cigar. It was a boy’s day of sport.

A huge yell was heard coming from the kitchen and Jon looked up to see Richie running past yelling, “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD AGAIN!!”, before heading back into the kitchen.

Jon just shook his head and watched the game.

Richie picked his wife up and twirled her around before hugging and kissing her.

“I love you Dee.” he said, as a small cry was heard from the baby monitor that Dee carried with her always.

“You’ve woken Stephen. I am so going to kill you. Get back in there and watch your game.” she scowled as she headed up the stairs.

“Honestly, men! Can’t live with ‘em; can’t shoot ‘em” she muttered, smiling to herself as she went to soothe her son.

Juan had moved in with Simon and they were blissfully happy, although he did have a tendency to call her every time they had an argument but it was getting better. In fact, she thought as she picked up their son, her life was the best it had ever been and, as she settled Stephen on her lap for a feed, she rubbed her lower stomach and thought ‘It’s only going to get better.’


Chapter Twenty Seven

Tuesday 10:30am

Dee took a deep breath and stepped out into the bright sunshine. She’d been fired. She knew it was the only conclusion they could possibly come too, given that she had, not only, taken a number home but had called that number and had started a relationship with someone, who at the time was the number one suspect in a murder enquiry. She was only grateful they hadn’t discovered the full extent of her involvement or that Simon had been roped in also.

With shaking hands she dialled a number.

“Hi, it’s me, I’ve just been fired, can you come and get me?”

“Oh sweetheart, I’ll be right there.”

She clicked off the phone and went to sit on a nearby wall.

A familiar car pulled up and she got inside.

He looked at her and held out his arms.

“Oh god Simon. What am I going to do? I’ve got a few days in which to clear all my stuff up and leave the country.” she sobbed into his arms.

Simon just hugged his best friend, not knowing what to say.

They drove back to their apartment in silence.

There was a voicemail on her mobile and she listened to it with tears falling down her face.

“Hey babe, it’s me lover boy. H just rang and I told her about being cleared so she’s letting me see Ava today and tomorrow. I hope you don’t mind but I’d kinda like to have her all to myself so I’ll see you in a couple of days. Let me know when you’re due back at work and what shift so I don’t call you when you’re helping someone else. Love you.”

She sobbed as she heard the sound of a kiss.

Simon sat down next to her and gently took her into his arms.

“Hey baby girl, you have to tell him.”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want him thinking I want him to use his influence to keep me here. It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Oh baby girl, he loves you. He wouldn’t see it like that.”

“But I would. I’d be asking him to keep me. I have no job, no green card, no nothing.”

“You got me baby girl. And Richie.”

“ I know but I couldn’t ask that of him.”

“Ok, well if you change your mind….” he said, not convinced she was doing what was best.

Shakily she got up from the sofa and went into her room to start packing.

Simon was in the kitchen when he heard a knock at the door. Dee had locked herself in her room and he could hear her crying as she packed. She wouldn’t open the door to him and his heart was breaking, not only for her but because he was about to lose the best friend he’d ever had.

He opened the door to find Richie and a girl standing there.

“Hey Simon, is Dee in?” he asked, sunnily, “I wanted my best girls to meet, I told Dee I’d see her in a couple of days but I couldn’t wait to introduce her to my princess here.” he said, indicating the girl.

Richie looked at Simon’s serious face and a sense of foreboding swept over him.

“What’s happened?” he asked

“I can’t say.” Simon replied, obviously miserable.

“Simon just tell me.” Richie was deathly calm.

“I..I..” Simon’s voice broke as tears began leaking down his face.

Richie turned to his daughter.

“Honey could you give me a few minutes?”

Ava nodded and walked over to the poolside, taking out her ipod.

Richie led Simon away from the apartment.

“What’s happened?” he asked, again.

Taking a deep breath, not knowing what Dee would think but knowing it was the right thing to do he began to answer.

“Dee was fired today for getting involved with you. She broke departmental rules and her secondment has been terminated. She didn’t want you to know.”

“Why the fuck not?” Richie asked, perplexed at his answer.

“Because she’s a stubborn, stupid person who doesn’t want you to think you have to take care of her, or keep her.”

“Why should I have to keep her? She can get another job surely?” Richie said.

Simon just shook his head.

“The terms of the secondment were that she had to stay in the job until it was over before she would be given her green card. She’s an illegal now and has been given two days to pack up and fly home. Only she’s got no job to go to and no home as her counterpart is still there.”

Simon looked up to find he was talking to thin air as Richie had rushed into the apartment.

He walked over to where Ava was sitting and sat down next to her.


Dee looked up as a loud banging began on her door.

“Simon! I said I’m not opening it. I have a short time to pack, now please leave me alone. This is painful enough as it is.” she cried.

“Dee, it’s Richie, if you don’t open the door I’ll… well I don’t know what I’ll do as I’d probably bust my shoulder before I could bust the door in, but please sweetheart, let me in.” he said to the closed door


“Ok then you asked for it.” he said, stepping back from the door.

Dee heard a loud bang followed by cursing and a few moans.

She rushed to open the door to find Richie lounging, casually against the doorframe.

He walked into the room and sat down on the clothes strewn bed.

He looked at her tear streaked face and sighed.

“Simon told you then. I knew he would. He thinks he’s being kind.” she said, turning away from him

“Am I nothing to you?”

“What?” she asked, spinning round to see anger blazing across his face.

“I said. Am I nothing to you?”

“Richie! You’re everything to me. You know you are.” she cried passionately, tears falling.

“Then why did you not tell me this was going on?” he asked, sitting still on the bed.


“Because is not an answer.” he stated quietly.

She took a deep breath, feeling her eyes welling with unshed tears.

“Because, because it’s not your problem.” she said quietly.

“Not my problem?” he asked, a strange smile on his face, “Not my problem?” he repeated his voice growing shrill.

“Fuck you Dee. If you think that little of me and what we have then maybe you’d better go home.” he spat angrily, then sighed as she burst into tears.

“Hush, hush darlin’.” he said as he gathered her into his embrace.

“We’re a couple, your problems are mine and vice versa.”

“But…but I’m imposing on you!” she cried.

“No you’re not. I love you Dee. You could never impose on me.” he soothed, cuddling her until her sobs subsided. He moved them over to the bed and sat them both down, pulling her into him.

“Look, from now on, whatever problems you have, you come to me.”

She clung to him.


“But what sweetheart?”

“But why would you want to help me? I’m nothing.” she cried as years of being told she was worthless came crashing over her.

Richie was shocked. How could this funny, vibrant, loving woman think she was nothing?

“You listen to me Dee. You are not nothing, do you hear me? You are everything to me. Everything. You mean more to me than the world, with the exception of Ava, of course.” he smiled, trying to lighten up the atmosphere.

Dee laughed and cried into his tee shirt.

“Oh Dee, whoever told you that you were worthless needs shooting.” he said quietly, resting his head atop hers.

This did make her laugh.

“ He’s in a pysch ward so I don’t think you’d be able to.” she replied, her voice muffled by tears and his tee shirt.

“Look honey, whatever we’ve gotta do to keep you here, we’ll do, ok?”

She nodded against him.

“Ok?” he repeated

“Ok.” was her muffled answer as she began to process that she had finally found a man who truly loved her, warts and all.

Chapter Twenty Six

Dee’s mobile trilled as they made their way back to his car.

She was so happy, she’d never felt this happy ever. He loved her. This wonderful, funny, kind, generous, sexy as hell man loved her. Her, Dee Wilson from Southampton, England. She thought her heart would just burst with sheer happiness.

She smiled at Richie as she clicked on her phone.

“Hello?” she said smiling.

“Ooh aren’t we in a happy mood then?”

“Hi Simon, yes I am, I’m at the beach, the sun is shining and I’m with the man I love.” she said, happily.

“And does this wonderful man love you back.”

“Yes he does.” she said simply.

“Oh my fucking god baby girl that’s huge! Though probably not as huge as he is, right?” he cackled evilly.

She spluttered with laughter.

“So anyway baby girl, just thought I’d let you know that the tox screen picked up an anomaly.”

“Oh my god, Simon what?” she asked, walking away from the car, so Richie couldn’t overhear.

“A large amount of anti depressants. It’s not something that is generally looked for in a tox screen but the detailed one picked it up. She took a huge amount of Xanax about half and hour before she rolled up at your man’s place. She was, excuse the phrase, the walking dead. Without immediate medical intervention she would have died anyway. Whether it was intentional or not we don’t know but the record will state that cause of death is accidental overdose. Richie’s lawyer will be getting this news as we speak, so lover boy’s off the hook.”

“Oh my god,” she began, tears falling down her face, “Oh Simon, I love you so much for this. Thank you so much.” She looked over at Richie who was talking on his mobile. She hung up her call and quickly wiped away any evidence of tears, not wanting him to know she already knew that his innocence had been proved.

Before she knew it she was swept up into a huge bear hug and swung round.

“Dee, Larry just called. She took an overdose so I’m free!” he crowed, shouting out to the world at large.

“I knew it.” she said hugging him back.

Her phone trilled again and she answered it without looking.

“May I speak to Dee Wilson please” an unfamiliar voice asked her

“Yeah, speaking.” she said as Richie danced around her on the sand.

“My name is Captain Amrita Ojai.”

Dee stiffened slightly as the she listened to the voice of the woman in charge of all 911 operators in the LA area.

“What can I do for you?” she asked, politely.

Richie had wandered off to kick the shallows.

“It has come to my attention that you have broken departmental rules and gotten involved, not only with a suspect in a murder enquiry, but with someone you took a call from. I need to ask you how you met before I take this any further. For instance I need to know if you knew him before you took the call on Saturday morning. If you did then the charges may not be as severe; however if you did not…”

Dee took a deep breath and answered.

“No I didn’t know him before Saturday morning.” she said, quietly, soberly, her heart breaking as she turned to watch Richie kicking up the waves and gambolling through the surf, hearing his laughter across the beach.

“In that case I need to ask you exactly how you got involved with him. Now we can do this now over the phone or tomorrow at my office at 9am.”

“I understand,” she said, “I’ll be at your office tomorrow.”

“Goodbye Miss Wilson.”

“Goodbye.” she said and clicked the phone off. Clearing her throat she made her way over to where Richie was kicking his heels up and did her best to be happy for him.

She made her excuses later on, saying she needed to get home to do some washing and see Simon and went home that night.

Chapter Twenty Five

Richie had gone downstairs still smirking as she sat on the bed and tried to get her head together. She’d never had this amount of orgasms in such a short length of time before and was beginning to feel the effects of them. Her legs felt like jelly and her stomach muscles hurt from all the involuntary clenching she’d done. She felt liquid and boneless and wanted nothing more than to lie down on the bed and dissolve into a watery mass.

Wearily she got up and pulled on last nights jeans and went to rifle through his walk in closet for a top to wear. She marvelled at the amount of clothes he had, racks and racks of tops, shirts, trousers, jeans and jackets all in colour formation with notes above each section saying what the colour was. She felt her heart melt at this. How could she not love a man who had to keep his clothes in colour formation in order to avoid fashion disasters. She brought her hand up to her mouth and felt her heart burst with love for him. Bless.

There was a small section at the back of the closet with women’s clothes in it. She guessed they were left overs from his exes. She picked up a black plunge-necked tee shirt, with the words ‘Rock Chick’ picked out in diamante on the front and checked the size. It was a size 4-6, bearing the label ‘Maternity’.

She made a face as she put it on. It fitted perfectly, plunging between her breasts. She checked her reflection in the full length mirror.

Ok, Rock chick ish but no too tarty. Must have been ex wifey’s when she was pregnant. God I can’t imagine Rich with a size zero woman, I mean he’s so big, in all aspects; he’d fucking crush her to death.’ she thought, grinning to herself, as she twirled in front of the mirror.

Satisfied with her appearance she turned to see if there was a small jacket she could pinch when she noticed a box full of make up.

‘What the hell’ she thought as she began to make her face up, checking the use by dates to make sure she wasn’t going to catch some god awful disease from using an out of date mascara. She applied a bit of eyeshadow in a taupe colour and tidied up her eyebrows before applying a couple of coats of the full lash mascara. She rooted around in the box and found a Chanel lip gloss in a peachy pink colour. She put it on and surveyed her handiwork.

Hmm, not bad.’ she thought, reflecting on the fact that she hadn’t worn make up for about six months.

She snagged a smallish black leather ¾ length jacket and picking up her boots, made her way downstairs to the den.

Richie was seating forward on the sofa, watching an American Football game. He was totally engrossed in it, watching the screen avidly. She sat next to him and placed her hand on his leg.

“Hey babe.” he said, distracted

She leaned against him and placed her head on his shoulder, breathing in his unique smell; clean and very masculine.

“So where..” she began

“Richie held up his hand for silence as the action heated up on the screen.

Dee sat back, a bit taken aback by his action. She sat for a moment then got up and went into the kitchen to get her cigarettes.

She then walked past him and out into the open air before lighting a cigarette and taking a huge drag off it.

She was standing in the garden, staring mindlessly into the distance when she felt his hands go round her waist.

“Sorry babe. I get like that sometimes. I get so totally in the zone that I forget my manners. Forgive me?”
She turned to face him and delighted as his eyes widened, taking in the plunge neck of the tee shirt and the make up she’d put on to enhance her eyes.

“Wow, you look amazing.” he said, walking round her, taking in the tight jeans and the form fitting tee shirt, topped off by a straw cowboy hat she’d picked up off the kitchen table.

“Thanks and you’re forgiven.” she smiled at him, her long hair blowing gently in the light breeze that was blowing in from the nearby ocean.

She sniffed, catching salt in the breeze.

“How far is the ocean from here?” she asked, dancing on the heels of her cowboy boots.

“Not far. Why?”

“ I want to go to the beach, walk on the sand.” Dee smiled, holding out her hands.

“Where ever you want to go I will follow.” he intoned, causing her to splutter with laughter, “Just let me put my boots on and grab another hat seeing as someone’s pinched the one I was going to wear. But I have to say it looks far better on you.” he smiled as he headed back into the house.

“Rich?” she called out as he entered the den.

“Yeah babe?”

“Don’t wear the leopard print one please?”

She could hear his laughter as he went inside.


The breeze from the ocean was wonderfully cooling as they paddled in the shallows. Both had pulled their boots and socks off and rolled up their jeans as far as they would go in order to enjoy the cooling surf as it rolled over their ankles. To anyone watching them they looked like any other couple in love, as they strolled along, hand in hand, laughing and joking with each other. Occasionally she would mock punch him on the arm when he cracked yet another truly dreadful joke, then pull him close for a hug and a kiss.

“So Rich, have you spoken to your ex yet about what’s happened?” she asked as they splashed water over each other’s feet.
“Not yet. She’s probably getting advice from her lawyers before calling. It’s something I’m so not looking forward to. What if she takes Ava away from me? I mean permanently? What the hell am I going to do without my baby?”

“Oh sweetheart I’m sure it’s not going to come to that. I’m sure that the police are going to find out that it wasn’t your fault; that you had nothing to do with her death and that your ex will see that and let you see Ava again. She knows what a good dad you are and that it’ll only hurt Ava if she’s not allowed to see you.”

Richie cuddled her close to him, resting his head on the top of her hat covered head.

“How can you have such faith in me when I have none?” he murmured, squinting through his sunglasses out to sea.

“I love you.” she uttered, softly into his chest, eyes closed, feeling the warmth of his skin through his tee shirt.

Richie stilled. Had he heard her right? She loved him? He felt his heart leap at the prospect of this wonderful woman feeling the same that he was.

He pulled away from her and removed his glasses, prompting her to do the same.

He looked at her seriously. Dee began to feel a bit worried. Had he heard what she’d said? She hadn’t meant it to be audible; in fact she hadn’t meant to say it out loud, it has just slipped out as she’d snuggled into him, feeling content and warm and safe as she did around him.

“Did you mean what you just said?” he asked, his chocolate eyes boring into her blue ones.


“Did you mean it when you said you love me?” he asked with a quiet intensity.

Erm..yes…I did” she stammered under his close scrutiny.

Richie let out the breath he’d been holding in a rush and pulled her close again.

“I’m so glad.” he murmured, then pulled away again to look at her, “as I’ve fallen in love with you too.”

Chapter Twenty Four

Dee stepped out from the shower and wrapped herself in the luxuriant large towel Richie had given her. She wrapped her hair in a smaller towel and stepped over to the sink to brush her teeth. She opened a medicine cabinet to find about a dozen unwrapped toothbrushes. She smiled, wryly, as she reached for one and unwrapped it. Either Richie was meticulous in his dental hygiene or else he’d had a LOT of visitors stay over night.

She cleaned her teeth, ruminating on everything that had happened since Saturday morning. If she was honest with herself she knew that there was a great chance that what she was doing would be found out and that she would lose her secondment and be packed off back to the UK, jobless and homeless but she also knew that she had to do what it took to prove his innocence. She couldn’t live with herself if she did nothing.

She thought of the various bruises that Nick had given her over the years they’d been together and about how ashamed she’d been about them, passing them off as various keep fit injuries. If only someone had been as concerned about her as she was for Richie she might have been saved what she had gone through. But then, she reasoned, I might never have come over here and would never have met him. Some hurts were meant to be.

She reached for the hairdryer, marvelling that in the US it was commonplace to have hairdryers in the bathroom, and began to blow dry her hair. It reached half way down her back and she was seriously considering getting it cut off as she battled with the brush and the hairdryer.

Richie took the brush from her and bade her sit down on the stool next to the sink.

He began to blow dry her hair, softly brushing through it to create a little flick at the ends and some body from the roots.

“Where did you learn to do this?” she asked as she felt the bristles scrape her scalp softly.

“I was married to an actress you know. She liked her hair being done for her and I just got roped into it I guess.” he replied wryly, bringing the brush down the length of her hair.

“ I could get used to this you know.” she replied smiling, “It’s just something I never envisioned any man, let alone you, doing..unless they’re gay I guess. Hmm, you’re not trying to tell me something are you?” she mocked.

“Cheeky mare, after this morning and last night you ask me if I’m gay?” he smiled, bending down to flick open her towel and cup one of her breasts in his palm.

She gasped at the heat of his hand, groaning as his thumb toyed with her erect nipple. She could feel heat pooling between her legs.

Richie swung her round, making her gasp.

“Hey, I AM the King of Swing you know” he joked, getting on his knees

“Rich, that was dreadf…” she broke off as he snaked his tongue out to taste her.

“Oh god!” she breathed, as he circled her clitoris with his hot, wet tongue, his hand making circles on her freshly shaved mound. She favoured the Brazilian look but rarely had the time to have it waxed.

He thrust his tongue up inside her, tasting her juices, letting his thumb caress her clit in lazy strokes. His hair tickled the inside of her thighs and she had to stop herself from clenching them together against the waves of pleasure he was creating inside her.

“Hmm, you taste good.” he murmured huskily against her, the vibrations from his voice sending ripples of pleasurable heat through her.

He could feel she was near and doubled his efforts, pressing down on her clit with bold, firm swipes that caused her thighs to start trembling.

He looked up at her from between her legs. Her chest was heaving as she panted, glassy eyed, totally lost in what he was doing to her. She was so responsive to him he loved it. Most of the women he’d dated over the years had done all they could to please him and hope to be remembered for doing so but all he’d ever wanted was someone who truly responded to his touch. Him, Richard Stephen Sambora, normal guy, not Richie Sambora, Rock Star.

Dee threw back her head, barely holding onto the stool as waves of the most intense pleasure swept through her.

“Oh god oh god oh god.” she moaned as her inner walls convulsed around his tongue.

Richie reached up and stroked her breasts as he felt her start to come down from on high.

Giving her clit one last swipe with his tongue, making her squeal, he stood up and bent down to kiss her, his tongue coated with her juices.

Finally, leaving her looking like a train wreck he stood up and smirked.

“Gay am I?” he said before leaving the bathroom.

Dee stared after him in complete amazement before pulling herself together and following him into the bedroom.

Chapter Twenty Three

Monday 7am

Dee stretched and opened her eyes. Richie was still sleepily soundly next to her, long lashes resting on his cheeks as he slept, giving his face a rested, peaceful look that took years off his age.

She smiled and lay on her side, wanting to watch the man who had given her so much over the past two days but had asked for very little in return; only that she be there with him, whatever happened.

Richie opened his eyes, sleepily, to find Dee looking at him.

“Morning sleepyhead.” she said, throatily, smiling at him in a way that woke up various parts of his anatomy.

They had fallen into bed the previous evening straight after their shower, both more exhausted than they had cared to mention and had fallen straight to sleep.

Richie yawned then reached for her. He kissed her thoroughly, ignoring her protests about morning breath. After kissing the life out of her, or so she felt, he lay back and smiled, lovingly, at her.

“Last night, when you came, what was that spray you did?” he asked quietly, stroking her face with his fingertips.

“Erm, it’s called the female ejaculate.” she whispered, embarrassed.

He could sense her discomfiture and took her face in his hands.

“Hey, sweetheart, don’t be embarrassed. It was way sexy, I mean, hey it caused me to lose control completely. I’d like to see it again, if you know what I mean.” he raised his eyebrows sexily at her, “Can every woman do that? Cause, let’s face it, I’ve had a few women in my time but I’ve never seen that before.”

“Erm, I’m not sure, it’s just something I do when I come.” she shrugged shyly.

“Does it happen every time?” he was intrigued by her revelation.

“Erm, no, I mean yes,.. when I’m on my own then yes but it really hasn’t happened before with anyone else, so I don’t know.”

He chuckled to himself.

“Hmm, firstly I make you blackout and now this. I could get a huge…”

Dee elbowed him with an indignant look on her face.

“Ego, I was gonna say ego.” he laughed as he leaned in for another kiss.

His mobile rang and he rolled over to answer it.

“Hello, Love God at your service. Which virgin do you need deflowering?” he asked, with a full throated laugh.

Dee laughed, rolling over and pulling on his discarded shirt.

“Hi Rich, it’s Jon I was calling to see how you are but I can hear that you’re doing fine. I’m not coming over today I need to spend sometime with the kids and all, but call me if you need me. Can I speak to Dee?”

“Yeah sure man,” Richie said, motioning for Dee to come over to his side of the bed.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hey Dee, it’s Jon. Listen take care of him will ya, he’s very fragile underneath all that bravado.”

“I will, and Jon? Thanks.”

They said their goodbyes and she clicked off the phone.

Dee stood up from the bed and stretched properly. She turned to Richie who was lying on the bed, the covers pushed down to show him naked.

She looked at his erection and the raw sensuality in his eyes and unbuttoned the shirt she’d put on.

“So I guess breakfast will have to wait?” she murmured throatily as he reached for her.

“No, you are breakfast,” he replied, “And besides I wanna see you spray.” he murmured seductively, pulling her close to him.


“So what do you wanna do today?” he asked as he bit into the eggs and toast she’d made for him.

“I don’t know. I must call Simon, check in with him, make sure he’s not worrying needlessly or anything as he can worry something awful, plus I need to make sure he’s feeding Stella.” she said, drinking her coffee.

“Ok, do you wanna do that while I shower? Seems I got all hot and sticky this morning, can’t think why.” he grinned, egg yolk running down his chin.

Dee reached out a finger and wiped it up, licking the residue from her finger.

“Damn woman, you will be the death of me yet.” he said, huskily, as he finished his breakfast.

She laughed and swatted him on the backside as he passed by her.

“Go have your shower while I call Simon.”

She grinned to herself, feeling full of joy and love.

She rang Simon hoping that he’d have some good news for her.

“’Lo?” a sleepy voice answered.

“Simon. Have you got any news for me?”

“Dee? What time is it?” he asked, groggy

“Erm, about 10am.”

“Oh for fucks sake. I’ve only been in bed for a few hours.”

“And is that my fault? That you’ve been a dirty little stop out?”

“And I suppose you’ve been a dirty little stop in?” he retorted.

“Simon.” she stressed his name.

“Ok, ok, god woman what I do for you.” he muttered, feeling his wonderful dream about Jon’s tight little tush and a bottle of lube slipping away from him.

“Ok, I called in some favours and it’s being looked into. The official cause of death has not been noted yet and won’t be until the extensive tox screen is done, but that’s it. If nothing is found I can’t do anything else. As much as I love you I won’t put my job on the line for you, oh and you do realise that if any of this is found out then it’ll be your job that’s on the line. You do realise you risk deportation for this, and if deported you won’t be allowed back in the country for up to five years.”

“I know, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.” she replied.

“He must be some man for you to do this. What happened to the Dee I met? The one who had all straight men in the cunt zone?”

“I fell in love.” she stated simply.

“Does he know what you’re doing for him?”

“No, and if you say anything…”

“Who am I going to tell baby girl?”

“I’m sorry Simon, I know you wouldn’t. Anyway how’s Juan?”

“Asleep beside me, if you must know.”

“Ooh, the first one you’ve brought home. I’m happy for you. don’t take any shit from him and don’t let him use you. You know what happened last time and I have no intention of wiping your tears anymore.” she said, laughing, “Are you happy Si?”

“I am.” he stated, simply.

“I love you.” she said

“Love you too Dee, going now, back to dream about a tight tush and some lube.”

“I’ll tell Jon you said that.”

“How did you…never mind.” he said, shaking his head as she laughed on the other end of the phone.

Gently she replaced the receiver and went to find Richie.

Chapter Twenty Two

Richie rolled over and woke up. The room was cool and dark and he yawned, feeling slightly disoriented. He peered at the alarm clock on the bedside table. 10:45pm

He scratched and got out of bed. He really needed a shower, his hair was lank and his head itched.

He walked off towards to marbled en-suite bathroom and turned on the shower, looking appreciatively at the large showerhead that H had insisted they get. He stepped into the shower and groaned as the hot water hit his skin. He stood, head bowed, bracing himself on the marble wall, allowing the water to cascade over him. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

What the hell was he going to do? H was sure to stop him from seeing Ava that he didn’t even want to think about it. She couldn’t even turn up to a football game to watch her without having someone with her. It was almost as if she never wanted to be on her own with him again. It saddened him that what they’d once shared had turned into this.

He felt hands on his torso and jumped slightly, turning to find Dee standing in the shower with him.

“I came up to see if you were ok.” she said, smiling at him, squinting as the spray of water skimmed her face.

His cock twitched at the sight of her, as he took in her full but petite figure. He reached for her and she stepped into his arms. Turning their faces away from the spray he kissed her hard and thoroughly, reaching a hand down between her legs to find her nub.

She stiffened slightly as his calloused but oh so gentle fingers deftly began to rub her clitoris. She reached down to take his cock in her hands and, reaching for the shower gel for a little bit of lubrication, began to move her hands up and down his shaft. He groaned in the back of his throat, then growled as she bit down on a nipple. He threw his head back, breathing deeply as she laved his chest, nipping and sucking.

He jammed two fingers inside her and began to pump then in and out, whilst his thumb kept pressure on her clit.

Her breathing became ragged as she felt the heat spiralling from her toes, pins and needles began to creep up her legs. She let out a ragged groan as her thigh muscles began to shake with the effort it took to stand.

Richie could feel her trembling in his arms and it was only through concentrating on her that he could hold out as her nimble fingers worked their magic on his cock.

He turned her around in the shower and pressed her up against the golden marble of the shower wall. Dee gasped as the cool marble pressed against her heated skin. She squealed as she felt him ram himself into her, allowing her only a moment or two to get used to him before he began to thrust in and out. Faster and faster, his hand never leaving her clit. She began to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm came upon her. She moaned as she felt her internal walls contract around him and felt him push past the contractions, creating even more friction. Desperate to find something to hold onto as she felt the orgasm threatening to overwhelm her she blindly reached out, her hands clenching with a will of their own.

Richie looked at the woman who had captured his heart and smiled as he felt her orgasm hit. He shuddered as she contracted hard around his engorged flesh, trapping him momentarily, before he could pound into her, hearing the slap of flesh on flesh. He could feel her juices flowing down her thighs, coating his.

Dee stiffened as an overwhelming blast of internal heat made her shudder. Her breath coming in gasps as she felt her legs begin to give way. She felt her ejaculate began to spray and she clenched her teeth as the intense pleasure pain took over her.

Richie felt her shuddering around him, and a warm spray against his leg, and couldn’t hold out against the intensity of feelings that flowed through him. He thrust into her over and over until he was spent. He lowered his head and rested it against her back, feeling her chest heaving as she tried to get her breath back.

After a few moments as they stood, still locked together in an intensity that neither wanted to break.

Richie moved first, easing himself out of her.

Dee turned to face him, feeling completely wiped out by the gamut of emotions she was feeling for this man.

She wrapped her arms around him and they stood under the spray of hot water, both feeling that they’d found the other half of themselves.

Chapter Twenty One

Jon held her as her sobs subsided and she calmed herself down.

“It’s a good thing I’m not wearing any makeup.” she said, smiling softly at him.

Jon chuckled as he thought of having to explain to an enraged Richie why Dee’s makeup was on his shirt.

She sat back on the swing seat, feeling Jon’s powerful thigh muscles next to hers. She could totally see why women all over the world had fallen for him; and some men too, but he’d always been too beautiful for her tastes; 2D almost, a caricature of a person. Now, getting to know him she caught glimpses of the real man inside and was floored by how normal he was and by how fiercely he defended all that he loved.

The phone trilled in her hand and she quickly answered it.


“Dee, my favourite girl, you called?”

“Simon are you on your mobile?” she asked, getting straight to the point.

“No, I’m on the lab’s phone. Why?”

“Hang up, go outside and call me from your mobile.”

“Ok.” he replied, mystified but not wanting to argue with her. When she was in this mood it was best to do as asked.

The phone clicked off and Jon looked at her, puzzled.

“Sometimes they tape conversations. I didn’t want to be on tape.”

Jon doffed his metaphorical hat to her. She was on the ball. He would never have thought of that and would’ve probably been caught on tape.

The phone trilled again and she clicked it on.

“Ok girlfriend are you gonna tell me why I need to be standing outside just to talk to you?”

“Because I need to ask a huge favour of you and I wanted to do so on a private line.”

“O..k.. Oh no, no no no Dee I can’t get involved in that.”

“Simon I’m not asking you to, I’m just asking you to suggest to people who may or may not owe you big time that further investigation is done, Specifically into the tox screening.”


“Don’t you start as well!” she huffed, exasperated, “what is it with you men?”, she muttered to no one, “Because it would really help Richie, that’s why and because…..because I love him ok? Satisfied?”

“Ooh Deedee, you really got it bad for this one huh? Look I’m not promising anything but I’ll make a couple of calls ok?”

“Simon, I love you, you’re my best friend. Thank you.”

“If it comes back, on your head be it.” he muttered before clicking off.

She turned to Jon

“He’s going to make a couple of calls, whether something happens or not is now out of my hands.” she shrugged as she laid the phone down on the patio floor.

“It sucks not being in control, doesn’t it?” Jon stated, looking directly at her, giving her the benefit of his baby blues.

“I wouldn’t know. I’ve never really been in control of anything before. Everything that’s happened to me has been because of someone or something pushing me.” she smiled, “I’m not even in control of my own heart, he’s taken that over completely.” she motioned back into the room to indicate Richie.

“I’ve been in control of pretty much everything that’s happened to me. Ever.” Jon admitted.

“Does it make you happy? Being in that much control? Don’t you ever feel like just taking off and doing what ever you want, when you want to do it?” she asked, intrigued by the notion of complete self control.

“Well, I tried it once, but it just made me wanna get back into the studio with the guys and make a new album.” he said, sheepishly, grinning at her.

“You know, you’re hopeless.” she smiled, laughing freely for the first time that day.

“Rich, on the other hand, he’s into all that spontaneity crap, guess that’s why he’s a better guitarist than me, but if you ever tell him I said that, I will hunt you down and shoot you.” he smiled, to show he was kidding.

“So do you think this toxicology thing will work?” he asked, sipping his coffee, looking out on the sun drenched garden.

“It can’t hurt can it?” she said, soberly.

Chapter Twenty

It was a short but silent trip back to Richie’s. Jon had dropped Larry off at his office and the three of them had sat in relative silence, not really knowing what to say.

As they neared Richie’s house Jon spoke to Dee.

“How did you know to ask about the toxicology screen?”

“Every autopsy for a suspicious death has to have a tox screen done but usually it’s a fairly basic one unless other evidence is discovered at the scene, such as alcohol or an empty pill bottle. I just wondered whether they’d done the basic one or an extensive one. Simon works for the CSI team in LA. He’s a technician and he’s the best one to ask about all this.”

Richie held her hand and looked out of the side window, not seeing anything. He knew he still wasn’t out of the shit and that there’d be hell to pay with H when this story hit the headlines.

Shit. He’d have to call her when they got back to his. He was never going to be allowed to see his daughter again. H may not have wanted kids but now she had one she went out of her way to fuck with him when it came to access. He supposed it wasn’t all her fault though. After all it takes two to tango. He’d just really hoped once they were married that he’d be able to change her mind about having a large family. She had loved him then; loved him enough to give him one child but not enough to give him any more. She was career minded and blamed him somewhat for spoiling her figure at a time when she could have gone on to become a film actress instead of just doing TV. After all she was more famous for who she’d married than the acting work she’d done.

Jon clicked the remote that opened the gates and they drove up the drive towards Richie’s house. It had been their house; his and H’s, but after the split she couldn’t afford to live there by herself and had moved into a smaller place with Ava. He hoped that she finally found that special someone who made her happy. He looked over at Dee and smiled; he’d found his.

Dee turned to Richie as they walked back into his house.

“Where’s Simon? I just realised he’s not with us. God I’m a bad friend.” she smiled wanly.

“Oh sorry bout that I meant to tell you, he got a call from work, so he went in.” Jon replied as he locked the car.

Dee sat down in the large den at the back of the house. Originally it had been two rooms but Richie’d had knocked them through to make one enormous room, with space enough for the giant plasma TV on the wall and the huge leather sofa that ran the length of the opposing wall. The end of the room was a bank of French windows that would open up onto a covered patio that held a barbecue set big enough to roast a whole pig. The grounds were extensive and she couldn’t see the end of them. Trees and bushes were dotted around giving the whole area a sense of complete privacy.

Richie clicked on the TV and sat down heavily next to her. She leaned into him and laid her head on his chest. He placed an arm around her and pulled her tightly to him.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me. You know it feels like I’ve known you forever and it’s been..what? Less than two days.” he murmured.

“I know, it’s so weird. Good but weird.” she clarified as she looked up into his tired eyes.

“You need some sleep. I bet you haven’t slept well over the past two nights have you?” she asked, concerned.

“No, not really” he sighed, rubbing his face with his free hand, trying to rub away the total exhaustion that threatened, “Except for the couple of hours at your place.”

“I thought so. Right off to bed with you.” she stood up and held her hand out to him.

He smiled at her and raised his eyebrows rakishly.

“And no, you’re going to bed to sleep, not anything else.” she smiled, looking down at then man who had totally rearranged her life and who was fast taking up residence in her bruised and battered heart; giving it life again.

“Oh,” he said, pouting, “Gonna tuck me in?” he asked, his eyes twinkling.

“Ok, but then I’m coming back down here as there’s a couple of phone calls I need to make.”

“Ok.” he said, resigned to his fate.

Jon was on his mobile, in the kitchen.

Dee led Richie through the kitchen and into the hallway before letting him lead her up the stairs as she really had no clue where his bedroom was.

He led her up the one staircase not sealed off by Crime Scene Tape and turned right at the top. They walked along the corridor and he stopped at the first door on the left.

“This is my room. It might be a bit messy.” he apologised as he opened the door.

Dee gasped at the enormity of the room. She would swear she could fit her entire apartment into it and still have space left over. The room was done in shades of brown and gold with splashes of white. A huge custom made bed dominated the space. Total blackout curtains covered the huge windows at the back of the bed.

Ignoring the fact that Richie was standing directly behind her and that she could feel his heat through her clothing, she walked briskly over to the bed and turned back the soft, comfortable duvet. She smoothed her hands over the sheets, marvelling at the softness of them.

“Ok, strip.”

He raised his eyebrows at her, a small smile playing on his lips.

“I mean for bed, for sleep.” she said, giving him her best no nonsense face.

He was so tired he did as bid and was soon standing completely naked in front of her.

Her eyes widened as she looked at him in all his glory and she gulped as he walked towards her.

“Get in.” she said in a strangled voice, her mouth dry.

He did as she said and she covered him with the soft duvet, a smile forming as she heard him sigh with pleasure.

She sat down on the bed next to him and smoothed his hair away from his face.

“Now sleep.” she said softly, leaning down to kiss him gently on the lips.

“Ok” he replied, sleepily as exhaustion rolled over him.

She sat watching him sleep for a few moments; her heart at peace, before she quietly made her way out of the room and back downstairs.

Jon was still on the phone in the kitchen and Dee walked over to the kettle. She motioned to him, mouthing the word coffee.

He nodded and moved out of the kitchen into the den.

As the kettle boiled Dee picked up the phone and called Simon.

“Hi Simon, it’s Dee, when you get this message call me urgently on the following number 555-4224. Ta darling”

The kettle clicked off and she poured the boiling water into two mugs of coffee.

Jon had finished his call and she asked him how he took his coffee.

“Black is fine. Thanks.” he said as she handed him a mug.

She took hers and, still holding the cordless phone, opened one of the French windows and walked out onto the patio. She lit a cigarette and breathed deeply.

Jon had followed her and pinched another cigarette.

“Help yourself then.” she retorted, smiling at the familiarity of his actions.


“That’s ok. I’m used to Simon doing it. Honestly I don’t think he ever buys his own. Just pinches mine. It take it off the rent I give him.” she laughed mirthlessly.

“Come on Simon, call me.” she muttered as she sat down on a swing seat, staring at the phone in her hand.

“What are you going to ask him?” Jon asked, feeling completely out of his depth.

“A favour.” she replied, “There are a couple of guys that owe him big time. I thought if I asked him for a favour he might be able to get a more extensive toxicology screen done. Look for other drug sources, you know.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“What? Don’t you want to help him then?” she asked, completely floored by his question.

“Of course I do, he’s my brother. I’m just wondering why you wanna help him. I mean you’ve only known each other, what? Two days at the most? I’m just curious as to what you get out of this.” he said, honestly.

“I? What I get out of this? “ she began, angrily, “I’ll tell you what I get out of this. I get to help the kindest, most generous, most loving, most wonderful man that I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet and if you stand in my way or question my motives again, so help me god, I’ll….I’ll…. I’ll punch your lights out!” she shouted, as the emotions of the past two days swept over her.

Meeting Richie had changed her life in so many ways that she wasn’t sure how to process all the differing emotions that battled for supremacy inside her so she did what countless women had done before her when faced with insurmountable odds and burst into tears.

Jon looked at the crying woman before him for a few seconds before gathering her into his powerful arms.

“I’m sorry sweetheart. I just had to make sure he wasn’t gonna get hurt this time.” he soothed, patting her back.

“I love him Jon, I’m not sure when or how it happened but it did and now I’m completely and utterly head over heels in love with him.” she sobbed.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Chapter Nineteen

Dee clung to Richie’s hand as they entered the West LA Community Police Station on Butler Avenue. Because of who he was he hadn’t been handcuffed but had been photographed many times by the numerous paparazzi who’d had access to a police radio scanner and had caught the fact that he’d been arrested on suspicion of the manslaughter of Denise Richards.

‘Fuck,’ he thought as they were directed to a side room, ‘H ain’t never gonna let me see Ava now.’

Larry had also gone with them, leaving Jon and Simon back at Richie’s house.

Dee sat as close to her man as she possibly could, feeling bitter that life had just brought him to her and now it seemed he would be taken away.

Finally Richie was called in with Larry into the interrogation room.

Dee sat outside drinking cup after cup of really bad coffee. After about an hour she had to go outside for a cigarette or risk snapping and beating someone to death with a club made out of paper cups. Richie had left his baseball cap and sunglasses with her and she pulled it low over her face and put the glasses on before braving the outside. Thankfully the paparazzi had left; maybe Britney Spears was opening an envelope somewhere, and she sat down outside the station and smoked. Another hour went by and Dee got into a routine of drinking piss poor coffee inside followed by a cigarette outside.

After three hours and ten cigarettes she was on her eleventh when a voice behind her made her turn around,

“They’ll be the death of you. Can I pinch one?” It was Jon.

Dee smiled and handed him the packet. He took one, grimacing that they were menthol, and lit it.

“I didn’t know you smoke.” she said as they sat on the steps in the afternoon sunshine.

“Yeah, well PR thinks it’d be bad PR if people saw me smoking so I do it on the sly and at home. Tico on the other hand gets to smoke every frickin where. Really pisses me off sometimes, ‘specially when I’m out with friends. But anyway, I’m sorry about earlier, you understand tho?”

“Yeah, I’d be the same for Simon.” she said, smiling at him.

His famous mega watt smile was conspicuously missing.

“He won’t go down for this you know. He says he didn’t do it and I believe him.” she said, putting her hand on his arm.

Jon looked at her small hand on his arm and placed his hand over hers, giving her hand a squeeze.

“I know. It just sucks that’s all. I warned him about her before they even hooked up but did he listen? Did he fuck!”

“I’m sure he did!” she retorted, making Jon smile, albeit briefly at his choice of words, “look, Rich told me why he chose her; he wanted a bit of eye candy but she turned into a psycho. He just wanted someone to fuck, someone sexy, and he thought that’s what she was but she was a woman who turned out to have more problems than he wanted or needed to handle. Look, Jon, I know you’ve known him a hundred times longer than I have but I can feel that there’s a good man inside of him, kind, generous and loving, and I KNOW he didn’t kill her.” she finished her cigarette and getting up, held her hand out to him to help him up.

“Thanks Dee. In a way I’m glad he’s met you.”

“Though if it wasn’t for all this mess we probably wouldn’t have.”

“yeah I guess.” he said, quietly as they made their way back into the station.

Dee smiled as she saw Richie and Larry making their way towards them.

Richie caught her up in a big bear hug.

“I missed you babe, I came out and you were gone, where’d you go?”

“For a smoke with me man” Jon replied.

“So what happened?” she asked, anxiously.

“Nothing at the moment. They wanted to question me officially so had to arrest me on suspicion as I could’ve just got up and walked out if they hadn’t.”

Larry motioned for them all to go outside and get into the car. Once they were seated, Jon and Larry in the front, Richie and Dee in the back, Larry turned to them.

Ok, as it stands they have no evidence and no proof that you did anything. The only thing they have is your skin cells on her arms but you’ve explained that you grabbed her to stop her from scratching at you when you were on the stairs. I would say they really have nothing to charge you with or they would’ve done that already.”

“Do you know which kind of toxicology screen they ran?” Dee asked, suddenly.

“I’m not sure. Why?” Larry asked, looking at her properly for the first time. Having known Richie for years he was used to him hanging about with air heads and this was a new thing. Richie having a woman who could ask a decent intelligent question.

“Well, if they were looking for a drug overdose they would test for the obvious ones, heroin, meth, cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol, etc but what if she took an overdose of something else?. Something that wouldn’t be that obvious at first glance.”

“Such as?”

“I don’t know. What other drugs are there? I mean Rich, you did say she was weaving all over the place and couldn’t focus on you. Sounds like she was on something.”

Richie leaned over and kissed the top of her head with gratitude.

Chapter Eighteen

Jon opened the door to find a petite woman and a blonde man standing on the doorstep.

“Where’s Rich?” she asked, frantically

“Who are you? And how did you get past the gates?” He asked.

“I’m in here sweetheart.” A male voice came from the left of the vast hallway.

“Richie!” she shouted, wriggling past Jon and heading to the source of the voice.

Dee found him in the kitchen and ran to him.

“Oh god!, Rich!” she cried, flinging her arms around him.

Richie looked at her and then hugged her close before kissing her deeply and with a passion that took their breath away.

Jon and Simon walked, or sauntered in Simon’s case, into the kitchen to find Dee and Richie entwined.

“Hh hmm” Jon coughed, trying to be discrete.

“I take it you’re the reason no one could contact him yesterday?” he asked.

“Excuse me?” Simon butted in, “She has a name you know. It’s Dee. Use it.”

Dee broke away from Richie and smiled at Simon.

“Hey no one picks on my best friend! Even if he is cuter than cute with a tight tush!” he remarked.

Richie held his hand out, “You have to be Simon.”

“That’s me, my reputation precedes me.”

“He drove me here, I hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t drive.” she said, holding onto Richie tightly.

“No, of course not.” he smiled at her, kissing the top of her head.

“Right.” said Simon as he sat down at the breakfast counter, “Who’s going to fill me in on what’s happened?”

Richie let go of Dee and heaved himself up onto the kitchen counter, opened his legs and pulled her close to him. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his flat stomach.

“The autopsy reports have come back and the toxicology report is negative for all class A drugs. The cause of death is still unknown but there is extensive bruising to the deceased’s upper arms and trace bruising around her neck. Richie’s epithelial’s have been found on her arms and the police are gathering the necessary paperwork together to issue a warrant as we speak.”

They all turned to look at Larry, who stood in the doorway to the kitchen, a mobile phone dangling from his hands.

“I’m afraid you will be arrested and questioned.” The gate buzzer rang as Larry finished his sentence.

Larry turned to go answer it.

“Oh shit. I’m screwed.” Richie said to himself

“Not if you did nothing.” Dee said, looking up into his troubled face.

“I..I grabbed and shook her just before she fell, but I swear I didn’t push her.” he said, for her ears only.

Dee looked up into her lover’s face and saw only honesty, shining in his beautiful brown eyes.

“I believe you.” she whispered as she reached up to kiss him.

Chapter Seventeen

Dee was having a very productive day, for a Sunday at least. Usually if she was off on a Sunday she liked to sleep in till midday then lounge around the apartment in her pj’s, watching crap on the tv and having popcorn fights with Simon. This Sunday was different. She’d woken quite early for her, at around 10am and after allowing herself a few minutes to luxuriate in her memories of the previous night, whilst breathing in the faint scent of him still on the pillow, she rose, showered, ate her breakfast and was in the middle of hovering when Simon came bursting in.

“Good morning girlfriend, and how was your evening? Mine was delectable, delirious and down right dangerous!” he giggled as he flopped down onto his favourite sofa.

“It was good.” she replied, trying to hold back a blush but failing.

Simon looked at his best friend as she pushed the hoover round the threadbare carpet. She looked well rested but there was something else.

“Hang on a minute Dee. It’s Sunday. You’re never up on a Sunday and you never hoover. Ok what’s happened and what have you done with Dee Wilson?” he asked, suspiciously, his eyes narrowing as he lounged out on the green sofa.

“Nothing. Nothing happened.” She replied, unsuccessfully hiding a grin.

“Ok, now I’m worried. It’s Sunday morning, you’re hoovering and now you’re grinning like a loon.”

Simon sat up as a thought occurred to him.

“He called, didn’t he? I’m right, aren’t I?” he said, excitedly

“Yeah.” she switched off the hoover, “Oh god Simon, he’s wonderful! He’s so easy to talk to, I tell you we sat and talked for hours, about everything and nothing. He’s so sweet.”

“Spill girlie, tell me everything.” Simon was suddenly alert.

“He’s just everything I’ve ever wanted in a man. He’s friendly, easy to talk to, listens to everything you say and smells wonderful too.”

“Smells wonderful?” Simon picked up on her slip up.

“Well, I assume so.” She lied, going red.

“He came over didn’t he? That’s why you’re tidying up. Clearing away the crime scene. Oh My God!,” He jumped up from the sofa, “You slept with him didn’t you,” he accused, as she went redder and redder.

“Well we didn’t mean to, it just ended up like that.” she admitted, sheepishly, then broke into a huge grin, her eyes sparkling in the daylight.

“I am truly…speechless.” Simon sat down on the sofa, then grinned at her.

“Good going girlfriend. Tell me are the rumours true?”

“Rumours?” She asked, puzzled.

“Yeah, that he’s, well, big. You know, hung like a horse.”

Dee just grinned to herself as she thought back to seeing him naked for the first time.

“Oh my god, they are true!! I knew it, I fucking knew it!” he squealed, “Such a shame he’s on your team and not mine.” he pouted, before collapsing in giggles.

Dee sat down on the opposite sofa.

“My god Simon, I’ve never known anything like it. What that man can do with his tongue, well it ought to be illegal!”

“Probably is somewhere. Erm exactly what does he do with that tongue.” Simon queried, intrigued.

“Er, well let’s just say there are parts of me that have never been reached before.” she grinned, laughing, “Er, Simon? Have you ever heard of La Petite Mort?” she asked, knowing Simon probably would have either heard of it or would have done it.

“Yeah, why?”

“He did that to me the first time.”

“You passed out from an orgasm?” his eyebrows raised almost into his hairline.

“Er yeah. Is that not normal?”

“I’ve never passed out before.” he pouted, as he realised she’d probably had a better evening than he’d had.

“Oh Simon, do you believe in love at first sight?” she sighed, smiling and looking the happiest he’d ever seen her.
“Yeah I do.” he sighed back, wistfully.

The phone rang. Simon answered.

“Hello, Den of Debauchery, which sin would you like to commit?”

“Er, Hi, is Dee there?”

“Who can I say wants the Queen of Immorality?” he answered, still pouting.

“Er, Richie.”

“Oh, er, yeah hang on a minute.” Simon motioned to a bemused looking Dee.

“It’s the stallion.” he said, passing the phone over.

Dee took the phone, completely puzzled.

“Hello?” she said

“Hi babe, it’s me, Rich. Was that Simon? “

“Yes, and I’m going to kill him.” There was a slight pause as she registered what she’d just said, “Sorry.”

“S’ok. Listen can you come over to mine? The autopsy reports came back and I think they’re going to arrest me for manslaughter. I want you hear with me.”

“Oh my god, Rich, are you sure? I mean about the arrest.” she asked, horrified.

“Larry says it’s only a matter of time.” he sounded so abject and in pain, she wanted to cry.

“I’m coming over right now. Where do you live?”

He told her and they said their goodbyes.

“Was that really him?” Simon began to ask his usual 20 questions then saw her face.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” he asked, concerned, getting up to hug her.

“They’re going to arrest him for manslaughter. Oh god Simon. He wants me with him but I don’t think I can drive.” she started to collapse against him.
“Never fear my love, I’ll drive you. Now where are we going?” Simon said, holding her close to him, letting her cry.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Chapter Sixteen

Forgive me as it's a short one but....

Sunday 2:54 am, LA

Dee rolled over into the warm spot recently vacated by Richie and smiled sleepily. She looked at the bedside clock. 2:54am. They had spent most of the evening talking, laughing at each others silly jokes and making love. Richie had gone for his phone at about midnight only to find 12 text messages and 15 voicemails from an ever increasingly irate Jon. Richie had switched his mobile onto silent in the police station and had forgotten to switch it back to normal. After calling and having to hold the phone away from his ear a couple of times he'd gotten dressed and, having promised to call her later, had left to go home.

Dee drifted back off into a warm deep sleep, feeling safe and content.


"Where the fuck where you man?" Jon asked his best friend as they they sat in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"I told you. I was at a friends." Richie replied, grinning. Even though he knew he was in deep shit he couldn't bring himself to care about it and wouldn't stop grinning which was pissing Jon off even more.

"For Fucks Sake!!!" Jon exploded. Again. "Why won't you take this fucking thing seriously man, you are looking at possible jail time if the coroner's report goes against you!"

Richie tried sobering up and found that he couldn't. He felt something that he hadn't felt for such a long time he was loathe to stop. Even for something as serious as a possible manslaughter charge.

"Richie, I swear....What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jon slammed his coffee mug down, spilling some on the counter.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" Richie asked.

"What?" Jon replied, puzzled to the non- sequiter.

" I didn't; in fact i was beginning to believe love didn't exist, at least not for me. Then i met her."

"Her? Her who?"

"Dee. The 911 operator from the other night. That's who i was with. Man she is lovely. Normal but lovely just the same. her skin is perfect, her eyes are gorgeous and ," he made a cupping motion with both hands, "they're just the right size if you know what I mean."

"Whoa, hold on, lemme back up a bit. You are facing a manslaughter charge for the death of one of your numerous ex girlfriends and you're telling me you spent last night fucking the 911 operator who tried to help you save said ex girlfriend?" Jon asked, incredulously

"Mmm hmm" Richie nodded, grinning. Again.

"Man you are fucking unbelievable! I don't know whether to smack you one or high five you." He lay his head down on the counter and groaned. Of all the times for Richie to find love again it had to be this time.

"Ya know dude, sometimes i think five years away might do you the world of good." he said, his voice muffled by the counter.

Richie stuck his tongue out at him and continued grinning.

Jon's phone trilled and he answered it


"Jon? It's Larry. The autopsy report's in."

Monday, 19 January 2009

Message from CelticCross


Thanks for your patience guys for the next instalment. Lost my job last week so am spending all my time trying to find another one . Recession sucks big time!! As soon as i can i will post the next chapter.

Peace and Love


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Chapter Fifteen

Dee looked up at the man who had haunted her dreams for so long and sighed.

Richie smiled down at her; she looked so petite lying on the bed.

He reached out and softly smoothed her straps off her shoulders, bending down to softly kiss the bared skin, smiling as it goose bumped under his tongue. She shivered as his lips touched her, feeling the heat blaze a trail down to her toes.

Richie moved his mouth along her collarbone trailing little wet kisses along her smooth skin, feeling her breath hitch as his palm brushed the underside of her breast, his long fingers softly rubbing her nipple.

Dee breathed deeply as all sorts of long forgotten sensations washed over her. Richie raised his head and looked up at her, his eyes hooded and sensual. She could feel his hot breath on her breast and shivered slightly. It had been so long since she'd been with anyone she was afraid it had grown over. She smiled as that thought lingered in her mind.

"Whatcha smiling at?" Richie asked as he bared her breasts.

"Just you." She replied.

He smiled as he took her nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the bud until it hardened. Gently he sucked on it, hearing a small moan escape from her. The smell of her skin was intoxicating; fresh apples and ginger. She wasn't a real sun lover so her skin was smooth and firm.

Deftly he pulled her top down and began to remove her shorts.

Dee gave a gasp as she felt his hands with those calloused fingers brush the skin around her navel.

"You ok?" he asked, letting her nipple slip from his mouth with a little pop.
She was incapable of speech so settled for nodding.

Richie sat up and Dee moaned as cool air rushed over her wet skin. She pouted slightly, not knowing she was doing it as he turned his attention to her shorts and ignored her breasts.

Richie looked at her and chuckled at the look on her face.

"I won't be long darlin' ", He smirked, his dark brown eyes wickedly sexy, "just gotta get these off ya!"

"Well why didn't you say so!" she huffed, her blue eyes sparkling, and raising her hips off the bed, slid the shorts down and off her legs.

Richie breathed heavily as he looked at her. She had a 'fine pair of breasts' as his daddy would've said, 'not too big; not too small - remember son more than a handful is a waste and less than a handful is a waste of time!'

Dee's were just right. He shucked his own shirt and jeans and lay down next to her, trailing his fingertips across her breasts and finding little spots where she was extra sensitive. She breathed deeply as she enjoyed the sensations his fingers were making. She was feeling wanton. She'd never slept with a man a few hours after meeting him and she felt decadently sexual.

Dee trailed her own hands across his smooth tanned chest, marvelling at the firmness of the muscles and loving the feel of him. She leant up and pressed small kisses onto his chest,letting her fingers reach for his pebbled nipples, finding his sensitive spots in the process.

Richie groaned as she let her finger nails rake his nipples lightly before she pinched them; hard but for a short time.

He gasped and his already dark eyes darkened even more. Reaching down he ripped the flimsy lace of her knickers and threw the remnants across the room.

Gingerly Dee took one of his nipples into her hot mouth and bit down gently at first then harder.

Richie growled deep in his throat; how she'd found one of his turn on spots already was beyond him but he was damn glad she had.

He thrust a leg between hers and prised hers apart. Dee relaxed into him and let her legs flop open as wide as they could go.

"Damn you are one sexy woman." he growled in a gruff teddy bear voice as his lips plundered her mouth.

She raised her legs and wrapped them around him, feeling his perfectly formed erection digging into her thigh.

She could feel the white heat beginning to spiral, making her toes curl and she rubbed herself against him wanting him inside her.

Richie could feel himself trapped up against her thigh and shifted himself down slightly until he was positioned. He could feel her rubbing herself against him, her juices dripping down her skin and with one thrust he entered her, feeling her warmth and relative tightness surround him.

Dee's eyes opened wide and she arched up as he entered her. It was like nothing and everything she'd felt before. She knew his touch but had never been touched by him before. She stared, unseeing as he thrust in and out of her, her mouth open but silent as her world exploded around her.

Richie was caught unawares by the depth of feeling he suddenly experienced as he thrust into her and a sob caught in the back of his throat as he looked at her and his heart overflowed with joy

Dee opened her eyes to find Richie's face millimetres away from hers. She gave a little start and then smiled.

"I'm sorry did I fall asleep?" she asked, yawning as she snuggled into his arms, letting his natural warmth envelop her.

"In a manner of speaking." he replied, grinning at her.

"Huh?" she said, puzzled.

"The french call it La Petite Mort." he replied

"Huh?" she reiterated, raising an eyebrow.

"It seems darlin' that i made you come so hard you passed out. Hence the reason why i'm grinning. Ain't never done that before!" he all but crowed.

"Oh and it seems you're extremely pleased with yourself." she said, smiling into his chest but not wanting to look him in the eye as she felt a little embarrassed at passing out. He might not have made that happen before but she'd never passed out before.

"I sure am." He said, happily, as he pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her head, "In fact I could get used to doing that." he chuckled.

Friday, 16 January 2009

Chapter Fourteen

"So what happens next? I mean with the police? Are they waiting for the autopsy results? They should be done soon, unless there's a backlog." Dee queried Richie leaning against his chest as they sat channel flicking. Apparently he, too, was a channel flicker.

"Ooh ooh ooh, CMTV! leave it on that, i absolutely love Country Music." she said as he flicked onto that particular channel.

"Hell, i dunno. I guess we're all waiting to see what caused it I mean, one minute she's spitting mad at me, the next she crumples up and falls down the stairs." he shrugged, wrapping his arms around her waist, snuggling her into him.

Stella the cat had also crawled onto the sofa for company and she was asleep on Dee's lap. Richie reached down and scratched her ears, causing the little cat to purr in her sleep.

'Lucky thing' thought Dee with a smile as she watched Richie's large tanned hand stroke through the white fur on Stella's head.

"Does she belong to you or Simon?" he asked, as Stella continued to purr.

"Oh she's Simon's, but since I moved in she's sort of adopted me as her mummy." she replied, twisting her head to look at him.

Richie leant forward and kissed the tip of her nose, causing her to wrinkle it at him with a smile.

"So what's Simon like?" he asked, curious about the man who lived with his woman. His woman. He smiled to himself as he realised that was how he thought of her. It felt right.

"Simon? he's..., well I already had a flat set up for the move over here but when i went to move in, ugh, it was disgusting. It was cockroach infested with mouse dropping all over the kitchen and a dead bird in the bath tub. I went out, bought a local paper, saw an ad and called up. When he opened the door when i came to view the flat I have to say my tongue nearly fell out. He's about six foot one, slim build and had very long, dark brown curly hair with the most amazing crystal blue eyes like some kind of rock god. We clicked almost immediately and within half an hour me and my possessions had moved in. " She looked up at Richie to see a kind of thoughtful expression on his face.

She smiled at him and continued, "Then he dropped the bombshell that he was gay. I was devastated I tell you." she smiled at him cheekily and he realised she was joking with him.

"I told him I was fine with that as long as he was okay with me drooling over him all the time. He calls me his pet fag hag sometimes but he doesn't mind the drool as long as i don't touch!" she laughed.

"He's my best friend and i love him dearly, even if he has had all his hair cut off and bleached blonde just cause someone at work told him he's the spitting image of James Marsters and Simon has a thing for Spike so now i've gone from living with a gorgeous rock god to living with a vampire wannabe." she giggled.

"I can't wait to meet this guy, he sounds...unique" Richie murmured.

"Oh talking of unique, you have to see his room." she said, shooting off the sofa, upsetting the cat. She grabbed Richie's hand and led him off towards Simon's room.

Richie stood in the middle of Simon's room totally speechless.

"See i told you you had to see it."

"It's's ... very black."

"Vampire wannabe as i said. Black walls, black ceiling, black curtains, red carpet with a big double bed and a large mirror on the opposite wall. Probably to see if he's still got a reflection." she laughed.

"Where on earth does he keep his clothes?"

"In my wardrobe, and the closet."

"I do like the lamps though along the walls. What are they meant to be? Some mediaeval fire torch thing?"

"Yeah, something like that." she said

"Oh they flicker, just like real flames. Very goth. You know it would take a special kind of person to carry off a room like this and get away with it."

"Oh he is and he does." she smiled, as he continued to look around the room.

A small object caught her attention on the small bedside table he had and she turned to look closer at it. It was a small teddy bear she'd bought him for his birthday with 'Best Friends' printed on its belly.

She turned to look back at Richie only to find he'd gone.

"Richie?" she called out.

"In here." he replied, "This has gotta be your room, right?"

She followed his voice into her room and found him lounging on her bed. All of the fantasies she'd ever had regarding this man suddenly all sat up begging for attention.

"Yes, this is my room." she said, suddenly quite shy, he was the first man she'd allowed into her room since moving in.

"It's nice. I like the cream walls with the dark chocolate wall behind the bed. It really goes with the dark bedspread, makes it look really spacious and homey." he said looking around the large double room, "Plus the bed's really comfy. Bit of a bonus there." he laughed, his chocolate brown eyes twinkling sexily.

Dee found herself laughing along with him even though giant butterflies had suddenly taken up residence in her stomach.

Richie patted the bed next to him. "I don't bite you know." he said, his voice low and smooth.

She smiled and sat on the egde of the bed.

"Darlin' I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanna love you." he whispered as she lay down next to him.

Chapter Thirteen

Dee stood up, rubbing her hands over her face.

"Ah," she sniffed, trying to clear the tears and brush her hair off her face.

She rubbed her red rimmed eyes with the backs of her hands and turned to face him.

"Would you believe me if I told you i've never told anyone the full story before and that I feel strangely empty? Good but empty; it's like a huge weight I never realised I was carrying before. Right, enough of tears and sadness, let's do something fun. Do you play Monopoly?" she asked him, smiling; lighting up her face.

"Not since I played Jon and won and he sulked for a whole day." he replied, laughter lighting up his handsome features.

"Right, well hold onto your hat mister cause I'm the queen of Monopoly and believe me, if you think Jon sulks you ain't seen nothing yet." she said, brightly, rushing out of the room to get the board game from the closet.

Richie sat back against the leg of the sofa and sighed. Damn her! she was good at this. She currently owned 3/4's of the board and he was down to his last $100. He threw the dice and groaned as he moved his piece onto one of her squares with a hotel sat on it.

"That's it, I give in, I fold. You win." he said, resigned to his fate, as he threw his last $100 bucks and all his cards on the floor.

"Whoo hoo.!" she squealed, doing her version of the happy dance, which wasn't easy to do whilst sitting cross legged on the floor, but she managed it; all the while looking more and more adorable in Richie's eyes.

Dee was nothing like any woman he'd met before. She was comfortable in her own skin and comfortable around him, whilst wearing old cut off jeans and a vest top, with very little make up on; most of it had transferred to his shirt. Most of the women he'd known over the years wouldn't get out of bed without a face full of make up or perfectly groomed hair. As he watched her doing her happy dance, her hair becoming bedraggled and messy as she did so, he smiled, feeling tenderness towards her.

"OK, OK, no need to get cocky!" he growled, grinning.

"Woo hoo hoo!, I won! I won!" she chanted, giggling as Richie pulled a mock frown at her.

She got up and started to dance around the room, feeling free for the first time in ages. Richie sat back on the floor, stretching his legs out, watching this wonderful woman he felt that he'd known for ages, dance like crazy.

Dee moved closer towards were he was sitting then found herself falling as she tripped over one of his outstretched legs. Strong hands caught hold of her and she found herself sitting in his lap. She knew she ought to feel embarrassed but all she could feel was elation. Finally, all her demons seemed to have left her and she wanted to celebrate. Impulsively she turned to him and kissed him.

Richie was taken aback as Dee's soft lips touched his. Richie leaned forward and kissed her softly, feeling her lips under his. He licked her top lip and they parted allowing him access to her mouth. He kissed her deeply, feeling her relax slightly against him. She tasted of coffee and cigarettes and mint gum. She gave a groan, coming from somewhere deep inside her and this broke the spell they had created.

Her newly found courage immediately melted away as she realised what she had done and she pulled away, blushing like mad.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to do,...I mean, I, throw myself at you..." she stopped, looking at him with wide eyes, as she held her breath for his reaction.

Richie looked at the slightly dishevelled woman in his arms and felt alive for the first time since he could remember. She was soft and warm and feminine and all the things he looked for in a woman, plus she was smart and vulnerable too.

"That's OK darlin', I enjoyed it." he grinned, rakishly, as they continued to stare at each other.

"Let me make a coffee." she said, jumping up and scurrying into the kitchen. She switched the kettle on trying to cool down her overheated skin. She hadn't meant to kiss him; of course she had wanted to but she hadn't meant to carry it out. God he'd tasted good; coffee and chocolate with a touch of honey.

'You stupid woman!' she berated herself, muttering, as she opened the fridge for the milk, 'Now he's just going to think you contacting him cause you wanna jump his bones.'

"You mean you don't want to?"

Dee jumped as he spoke, right behind her, nearly dropping the milk.

"Jesus! Richie don't do that! I swear you're part cat, sneaking up on me." she said, angry with herself for being caught talking to herself.

"If I roll over would you scratch my tummy and make me purr?" he leered, comically, making her stop dead in her tracks and look at him incredulously.

He raised his eyebrows in a comical fashion, making her laugh and easing the tension that had suddenly sprung up between them.

He smiled at her from the doorway.

"I like you Dee, more than I thought I would, and I'd like to get to know you more than just friends." he said, moving towards her.

Dee looked at the gorgeous man standing in her kitchen and thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Richie Sambora wanted to get to know her.

"Why?" she asked, her brain having taken a short nap.

He just smiled at her and kissed her.

Chapter Twelve

"Me?" she asked, surprised. In her job all she ever did was listen and talk about other peoples emergencies and problems. She was a bit taken a back that he wanted to know about her.

"Yeah, like how did you become a 911 operator? I mean, hell you're good at what ya do an all but your accent kinda gives you away as a non native." he laughed.

"I'm on a two year secondment. I was a 999 operator back in the UK. Same job different geography." she smiled.

"Ok, but why did you come over here? What made you take the job?"

Dee took a deep breath, his questions were making her think of things she had successfully not thought about for over a year. She could feel tears beginning and she wondered why she felt compelled to tell him. What was it about this relative stranger that made her feel so comfortable and safe? Safe enough to delve into memories she wished she didn't have.

Richie looked at the woman who had helped him beyond the call of duty. He could see she was getting upset and was on the verge of telling her she didn't have to say anything when she started to speak. Richie sat forward and took hold of one of her hands, marvelling at how small and delicate it was.

"I became a 999 operator about five years ago. My boyfriend was a policeman and he helped to get me the job. For the first few years everything was good you know but then, it changed, i don't know why or what caused it but because both of us were doing shift work it was ages before i noticed anything untoward you know. And i just put it down to tiredness and being overworked."

She looked at him, seeing the concern on his face.

"I'm sorry i don't mean to lay this on you." she began

"Hey, I did it to you. Just talk to me darlin, sounds like you need to."

She smiled and began again, her voice a little shaky as she fought back a sudden wash of tears.

"Anyway, I came home one night and found him in bedroom. At the time i thought he looked a little weird but i was just so bursting to tell him my news that i just blurted it out. I was pregnant. His reaction was to boot me in the stomach with his foot. All i can really remember is the sensation of flying backwards and then just lying there outside the bedroom, I thought he was going to kill me, " she sniffed, a tear making its way down her face. She knew she ought to stop unravelling but couldn't; he was just comfortable to talk to and the constant ache inside seemed to be getting a little better as she talked, "I don't remember much after that as he beat the shit out of me, i remember him calling me a slut and a slag, then nothing."

Richie squeezed her hand as she cried silently.

"I woke up in hospital about two days later with a broken leg, fractured ribs and a broken collarbone. I was in there for three weeks. A neighbour, bless him, had heard the noise and shouting and had come round and seen me in a heap at the bottom of the stairs. Nick had picked me up and thrown me down them; thankfully i was already unconscious as i don't remember. Anyway the neighbour called the police and an ambulance and Nick was arrested by his own colleagues. I found out later from a friend of his that he'd been taking crack cocaine and speed for about eighteen months and had been coming down when i'd told him about the pregnancy. The last i heard about him he was locked up in a psychiatric ward indefinitely." she sat on the sofa, still holding his hand but looking at the floor, her hair hanging down hiding her face.

"Sweetheart." Richie said, appalled at what she had told him. Dee continued to look at the floor, tears blurring her vision.

"Sweetheart look at me" he said softly, touching her chin and turning her head to look at him.
"You poor thing, no one should have to go through that. Ever. But the fact that you get on the phone everyday to help people out who could be in that situation is amazing. I couldn't do it. I don't have the strength that entails. Come here." he said as he pulled her into his arms, feeling the softness and warmth of her as he held her.

Dee lay, cocooned in a shell of safety and warmth and felt at peace. She had only ever told one person what had really happened to her, Simon, and even then she'd skipped a lot of it.

"So that's why you came over here? To get away from it all? You poor darlin." he whispered, kissing the top of her head.

Dee closed her eyes and thanked what ever deities were up there for having this wonderful man come into her life. Even if this was it and she never saw him again, she now knew she would be fine. He had helped heal the hole that had been inside her for so long that she hadn't known it was there.

"Thank you." she said, echoing his earlier sentiments.

"You're welcome." he replied, repeating hers.

She sat up with a small smile on her tear stained face.

"Well this is a turn about. You came over here to get away from your problems and i gave you mine instead."

"That's what friends are for isn't it?" he said, smiling broadly at her. Somehow in the last couple of hours she'd managed to dislodge the final piece of ice that had taken up residence in his heart and he could feel it thawing out; slowly but surely.

"Are we friends then?" Dee asked in a small voice, still shaky with emotion.

"I'd like to be. If you want that is."

"Yeah" she said, smiling up at him.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Chapter Eleven

Dee froze on the sofa, her giggles dying in her throat as she got up slowly and made her way to the front door.

Willing her hands not to shake to much she opened the door. A small white and tabby cat streaked passed her legs and shot into the kitchen meowing pitifully.

"I take it she's yours? and that I haven't just let some strange cat into your house?" Richie smiled as he looked at Dee. He was pleasantly surprised. She was about 5ft 5ins, with long wavy honey brown hair, a nice figure and a great smile.

"Dee, I take it?" he said standing on the doorstep, sunglasses hiding his brown eyes.

"Yes, and you must be Richie." she smiled, all sense of nerves forgotten and she welcomed him into the bright orange lounge.

"Nice colour scheme you've got going on here." he commented as he sat down on the lime green sofa, "but then I'm colour blind and it could be hideous." he said with a laugh.

"It is hideous, trust me. My flat mate Simon says it was here when he moved in but personally i think it's all him. He's got a shirt that matches the sofa you're on. Truly hideous." she grimaced at the thought of Simon's shirt.

"Looks kinda brownish to me." he said, looking at the worn fabric.

"it's lime green and nothing goes with it, except maybe a blow torch and some petrol...I mean gas."

Dee was stood in the middle of the lounge, torn between wanting to hug Richie and feed her cat.

"I won't be a minute, just gotta feed Stella before she goes nuclear." Dee smiled, walking into the small kitchen.

She reached up into the top cupboard to get a tin of cat food, swearing under her breath, cursing Simon for putting them out of her reach. Being over six foot he could reach them with no problems. Dee stood on her tiptoes and was just fumbling with the can when a large tanned hand reached over hers and handed the tin to her.

"Here, you looked like you needed a hand, so to speak." He spoke, his smooth yet smoky voice right behind her. She could feel the heat from his body and had to close her eyes to steady herself.

"Th..thank you" she stammered, taking the tin from him and popping the lid. The rich smell of cat food rose up and assaulted her nose and she moved back a pace automatically, right slap bang into his arms almost.

"Oh god, i'm sorry" she muttered as his arms came round her waist to steady her.

"You ok darlin?" he said, feeling her hair tickle his face.He caught a faint smell of roses and smiled.

Stella meowed louder at their feet, bumping into both of them impatiently.

"Oh Stellacat, just shut up will you. Honestly you'd think you'd never been fed. Ever. And I know Simon fed you this morning cause he told me so." Dee brushed past Richie to place a dollop of food in the cat dish where Stella fell on it greedily.

Her long hair covered her face which she was grateful for; as soon as his arms had come round her waist, she'd been totally lost and could still feel the burn of his arms around her waist.

Richie looked at the woman who had helped him through one of the worst nights of his life and smiled. He liked her. He liked the fact that she'd listened without judging him and had offered him a place to get away from it all without asking for anything in return. The fact that she was a cutie and nice to look at was a bonus. And if she turns out not to be a psycho then this could be a good night he thought as she stood up from feeding the cat.

"Tea or coffee?" she asked brightly, switching the kettle on.

Before she could reach for the mugs, Richie walked forward and hugged her tightly to him, burying his face in her hair.

"Thank you." he said, softly, as he felt her softness against him.

Dee was taken completely by surprise by the hug but wrapped her arms around his neck as he bent over to lay his head on her shoulder. He was thanking her?

"For what?" she whispered, feeling the warmth and strength in the man.

"For being there for me even though you don't know me. There aren't many people out there that would've bothered to call me to find out how i was doing, let alone let me rant in their ear for an hour or so. You're a kind person."

She smiled into his shoulder, loving the deep, rich, musky smell of him.

"You're so welcome. You sounded so much in pain on the phone I had to do whatever I could to help you." she said

They drew back from each other and smiled, both feeling a little embarrassed at having shown so much emotion to a stranger, but both feeling comforted by each other.

"I have to say I did know who you were when I called you." she said, feeling that the truth would be better, "My flat mate Simon works for the CSI Team and was there when she was brought in and I just put two and two together but please don't think I did this just because of who are you. I meant it when I said I just wanted to help you."

Richie looked at her, wondering whether she was going to turn out to be a psycho, but she looked so earnest and truthful that he let it go.

"Would you have called if I was just an ordinary Joe?" he asked, wondering why the hell he wanted her answer to be yes.

"Yes i think i would have. Not to sound to girlie but my heart went out to you and i wanted to make sure you were ok. You were my first 'Forever' call." she said, smiling up at him. Dee felt so at home with him, as if she'd known him personally all her life.

"Forever call?" he queried as she finally switched the kettle on.

"Yeah, there are some calls you remember forever; they'll never leave you. You were my first and i guess i got a bit carried away and..." she trailed off as she reached for the coffee.

"I'm glad you did. You got me through this morning and i don't think i'd've been able to if you hadn't been on the phone for me." he said, full of emotion as she carried their cups into the lounge.

Stella was asleep on the green sofa so Richie sat next to Dee on the other one. She looked at him with a query on her face.

"Hey I've learned you never get in the way of an animal and its sleeping place. Did that once before and I've still got the scars to prove it." he laughed as he put his coffee cup down on a side table and stretched out.

Dee was fascinated with his legs, they were so long.

"You've got great legs." she said, again not thinking, then blushed as he raised his eyebrows at her, a smile smile playing on his full lips.

"Oh I mean, being short like me, erm I really envy tall people." she blushed even more as she tried to climb out of the hole she'd opened up.

"Oh i don't know, you've certainly got other assets going for you." he replied, his eyes roving her body, causing her to blush even more. God she was really pretty when she blushed.

Dee reached for her cigarettes and lit one, feeling more nervous now that he was here in the flesh. She stared down at her bare legs as she sat cross legged on the sofa willing her heart to slow down. She could feel it thumping in her chest.

She'd changed from her sleep set after Simon had left the first time and had put on some tight cut off jeans and a vest top with the words "Grumpy but Gorgeous" printed across the front.

"So are you?" he asked, breaking her from her reverie.

"Am i what? she answered, wondering what he meant.

"Your top. Grumpy but Gorgeous. I can see the latter, so are you grumpy?"

"Oh this, it's part of a sleep set i had ages ago but i like it so much i wear it as a vest top, and yes i'm extremely grumpy first thing after being woken up." she smiled, brushing her hair over her shoulder.

"Ya know, Jon's exactly the same first thing. He's bitten my head off so many times in the past now I just don't bother to go and wake him up, I let David do it. He still hasn't cottoned onto that." he laughed, exposing perfect white teeth and a pink tongue.

Dee shivered slightly thinking naughty thoughts about his tongue. She mentally berated herself for doing so.

There was an awkward pause as both tried to think of something neutral to say to each other.

"Well this is a bit awkward isn't it?" Dee said and Richie drank his coffee.

"A little, yeah." he smiled, over the rim of the mug, causing her heart to flutter slightly.

"So what do you want to talk about?" she asked, smiling, flicking her hair over her shoulder.

"Ya know, i'm totally fed up with talking about me. Been doing that for the past four or so hours. I've never been one for interviews. I hate them, i get so nervous and uncomfortable doing them i just usually let Jon go for it and i'm quite happy to sit next to him and look pretty!!" he laughed, "And can that man talk. Give him the subject of himself and he's off for hours. Verbal diarrhoea the whole way." he looked deep into her eyes.

"Tell me about yourself."