Friday, 23 January 2009

Chapter Seventeen

Dee was having a very productive day, for a Sunday at least. Usually if she was off on a Sunday she liked to sleep in till midday then lounge around the apartment in her pj’s, watching crap on the tv and having popcorn fights with Simon. This Sunday was different. She’d woken quite early for her, at around 10am and after allowing herself a few minutes to luxuriate in her memories of the previous night, whilst breathing in the faint scent of him still on the pillow, she rose, showered, ate her breakfast and was in the middle of hovering when Simon came bursting in.

“Good morning girlfriend, and how was your evening? Mine was delectable, delirious and down right dangerous!” he giggled as he flopped down onto his favourite sofa.

“It was good.” she replied, trying to hold back a blush but failing.

Simon looked at his best friend as she pushed the hoover round the threadbare carpet. She looked well rested but there was something else.

“Hang on a minute Dee. It’s Sunday. You’re never up on a Sunday and you never hoover. Ok what’s happened and what have you done with Dee Wilson?” he asked, suspiciously, his eyes narrowing as he lounged out on the green sofa.

“Nothing. Nothing happened.” She replied, unsuccessfully hiding a grin.

“Ok, now I’m worried. It’s Sunday morning, you’re hoovering and now you’re grinning like a loon.”

Simon sat up as a thought occurred to him.

“He called, didn’t he? I’m right, aren’t I?” he said, excitedly

“Yeah.” she switched off the hoover, “Oh god Simon, he’s wonderful! He’s so easy to talk to, I tell you we sat and talked for hours, about everything and nothing. He’s so sweet.”

“Spill girlie, tell me everything.” Simon was suddenly alert.

“He’s just everything I’ve ever wanted in a man. He’s friendly, easy to talk to, listens to everything you say and smells wonderful too.”

“Smells wonderful?” Simon picked up on her slip up.

“Well, I assume so.” She lied, going red.

“He came over didn’t he? That’s why you’re tidying up. Clearing away the crime scene. Oh My God!,” He jumped up from the sofa, “You slept with him didn’t you,” he accused, as she went redder and redder.

“Well we didn’t mean to, it just ended up like that.” she admitted, sheepishly, then broke into a huge grin, her eyes sparkling in the daylight.

“I am truly…speechless.” Simon sat down on the sofa, then grinned at her.

“Good going girlfriend. Tell me are the rumours true?”

“Rumours?” She asked, puzzled.

“Yeah, that he’s, well, big. You know, hung like a horse.”

Dee just grinned to herself as she thought back to seeing him naked for the first time.

“Oh my god, they are true!! I knew it, I fucking knew it!” he squealed, “Such a shame he’s on your team and not mine.” he pouted, before collapsing in giggles.

Dee sat down on the opposite sofa.

“My god Simon, I’ve never known anything like it. What that man can do with his tongue, well it ought to be illegal!”

“Probably is somewhere. Erm exactly what does he do with that tongue.” Simon queried, intrigued.

“Er, well let’s just say there are parts of me that have never been reached before.” she grinned, laughing, “Er, Simon? Have you ever heard of La Petite Mort?” she asked, knowing Simon probably would have either heard of it or would have done it.

“Yeah, why?”

“He did that to me the first time.”

“You passed out from an orgasm?” his eyebrows raised almost into his hairline.

“Er yeah. Is that not normal?”

“I’ve never passed out before.” he pouted, as he realised she’d probably had a better evening than he’d had.

“Oh Simon, do you believe in love at first sight?” she sighed, smiling and looking the happiest he’d ever seen her.
“Yeah I do.” he sighed back, wistfully.

The phone rang. Simon answered.

“Hello, Den of Debauchery, which sin would you like to commit?”

“Er, Hi, is Dee there?”

“Who can I say wants the Queen of Immorality?” he answered, still pouting.

“Er, Richie.”

“Oh, er, yeah hang on a minute.” Simon motioned to a bemused looking Dee.

“It’s the stallion.” he said, passing the phone over.

Dee took the phone, completely puzzled.

“Hello?” she said

“Hi babe, it’s me, Rich. Was that Simon? “

“Yes, and I’m going to kill him.” There was a slight pause as she registered what she’d just said, “Sorry.”

“S’ok. Listen can you come over to mine? The autopsy reports came back and I think they’re going to arrest me for manslaughter. I want you hear with me.”

“Oh my god, Rich, are you sure? I mean about the arrest.” she asked, horrified.

“Larry says it’s only a matter of time.” he sounded so abject and in pain, she wanted to cry.

“I’m coming over right now. Where do you live?”

He told her and they said their goodbyes.

“Was that really him?” Simon began to ask his usual 20 questions then saw her face.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” he asked, concerned, getting up to hug her.

“They’re going to arrest him for manslaughter. Oh god Simon. He wants me with him but I don’t think I can drive.” she started to collapse against him.
“Never fear my love, I’ll drive you. Now where are we going?” Simon said, holding her close to him, letting her cry.



    ~ Hath

  2. “It’s the stallion.” he said, passing the phone over.
    LOL Loved that line...onto the next chapter :-)

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