Friday, 23 January 2009

Chapter Eighteen

Jon opened the door to find a petite woman and a blonde man standing on the doorstep.

“Where’s Rich?” she asked, frantically

“Who are you? And how did you get past the gates?” He asked.

“I’m in here sweetheart.” A male voice came from the left of the vast hallway.

“Richie!” she shouted, wriggling past Jon and heading to the source of the voice.

Dee found him in the kitchen and ran to him.

“Oh god!, Rich!” she cried, flinging her arms around him.

Richie looked at her and then hugged her close before kissing her deeply and with a passion that took their breath away.

Jon and Simon walked, or sauntered in Simon’s case, into the kitchen to find Dee and Richie entwined.

“Hh hmm” Jon coughed, trying to be discrete.

“I take it you’re the reason no one could contact him yesterday?” he asked.

“Excuse me?” Simon butted in, “She has a name you know. It’s Dee. Use it.”

Dee broke away from Richie and smiled at Simon.

“Hey no one picks on my best friend! Even if he is cuter than cute with a tight tush!” he remarked.

Richie held his hand out, “You have to be Simon.”

“That’s me, my reputation precedes me.”

“He drove me here, I hope you don’t mind. I just couldn’t drive.” she said, holding onto Richie tightly.

“No, of course not.” he smiled at her, kissing the top of her head.

“Right.” said Simon as he sat down at the breakfast counter, “Who’s going to fill me in on what’s happened?”

Richie let go of Dee and heaved himself up onto the kitchen counter, opened his legs and pulled her close to him. She wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his flat stomach.

“The autopsy reports have come back and the toxicology report is negative for all class A drugs. The cause of death is still unknown but there is extensive bruising to the deceased’s upper arms and trace bruising around her neck. Richie’s epithelial’s have been found on her arms and the police are gathering the necessary paperwork together to issue a warrant as we speak.”

They all turned to look at Larry, who stood in the doorway to the kitchen, a mobile phone dangling from his hands.

“I’m afraid you will be arrested and questioned.” The gate buzzer rang as Larry finished his sentence.

Larry turned to go answer it.

“Oh shit. I’m screwed.” Richie said to himself

“Not if you did nothing.” Dee said, looking up into his troubled face.

“I..I grabbed and shook her just before she fell, but I swear I didn’t push her.” he said, for her ears only.

Dee looked up into her lover’s face and saw only honesty, shining in his beautiful brown eyes.

“I believe you.” she whispered as she reached up to kiss him.


  1. MORE! This is sooooooo good!

    How is the job hunting going?


  2. Hey Vicki

    Applied for about 17 jobs and have one confirmed interview for next week so here's hoping. Fingers crossed and all that.


  3. That's great that Dee believes him, but she's not who he has to get to believe him!


    And best of luck on the interview!

    ~ Hath

  4. This really is very good. Erm out of interest where is Mickey Dolenz pants?!

  5. Mickey Dolenz's Pants are on his legs and still in my brain, floating around somewhere.