Sunday, 18 January 2009

Chapter Fifteen

Dee looked up at the man who had haunted her dreams for so long and sighed.

Richie smiled down at her; she looked so petite lying on the bed.

He reached out and softly smoothed her straps off her shoulders, bending down to softly kiss the bared skin, smiling as it goose bumped under his tongue. She shivered as his lips touched her, feeling the heat blaze a trail down to her toes.

Richie moved his mouth along her collarbone trailing little wet kisses along her smooth skin, feeling her breath hitch as his palm brushed the underside of her breast, his long fingers softly rubbing her nipple.

Dee breathed deeply as all sorts of long forgotten sensations washed over her. Richie raised his head and looked up at her, his eyes hooded and sensual. She could feel his hot breath on her breast and shivered slightly. It had been so long since she'd been with anyone she was afraid it had grown over. She smiled as that thought lingered in her mind.

"Whatcha smiling at?" Richie asked as he bared her breasts.

"Just you." She replied.

He smiled as he took her nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the bud until it hardened. Gently he sucked on it, hearing a small moan escape from her. The smell of her skin was intoxicating; fresh apples and ginger. She wasn't a real sun lover so her skin was smooth and firm.

Deftly he pulled her top down and began to remove her shorts.

Dee gave a gasp as she felt his hands with those calloused fingers brush the skin around her navel.

"You ok?" he asked, letting her nipple slip from his mouth with a little pop.
She was incapable of speech so settled for nodding.

Richie sat up and Dee moaned as cool air rushed over her wet skin. She pouted slightly, not knowing she was doing it as he turned his attention to her shorts and ignored her breasts.

Richie looked at her and chuckled at the look on her face.

"I won't be long darlin' ", He smirked, his dark brown eyes wickedly sexy, "just gotta get these off ya!"

"Well why didn't you say so!" she huffed, her blue eyes sparkling, and raising her hips off the bed, slid the shorts down and off her legs.

Richie breathed heavily as he looked at her. She had a 'fine pair of breasts' as his daddy would've said, 'not too big; not too small - remember son more than a handful is a waste and less than a handful is a waste of time!'

Dee's were just right. He shucked his own shirt and jeans and lay down next to her, trailing his fingertips across her breasts and finding little spots where she was extra sensitive. She breathed deeply as she enjoyed the sensations his fingers were making. She was feeling wanton. She'd never slept with a man a few hours after meeting him and she felt decadently sexual.

Dee trailed her own hands across his smooth tanned chest, marvelling at the firmness of the muscles and loving the feel of him. She leant up and pressed small kisses onto his chest,letting her fingers reach for his pebbled nipples, finding his sensitive spots in the process.

Richie groaned as she let her finger nails rake his nipples lightly before she pinched them; hard but for a short time.

He gasped and his already dark eyes darkened even more. Reaching down he ripped the flimsy lace of her knickers and threw the remnants across the room.

Gingerly Dee took one of his nipples into her hot mouth and bit down gently at first then harder.

Richie growled deep in his throat; how she'd found one of his turn on spots already was beyond him but he was damn glad she had.

He thrust a leg between hers and prised hers apart. Dee relaxed into him and let her legs flop open as wide as they could go.

"Damn you are one sexy woman." he growled in a gruff teddy bear voice as his lips plundered her mouth.

She raised her legs and wrapped them around him, feeling his perfectly formed erection digging into her thigh.

She could feel the white heat beginning to spiral, making her toes curl and she rubbed herself against him wanting him inside her.

Richie could feel himself trapped up against her thigh and shifted himself down slightly until he was positioned. He could feel her rubbing herself against him, her juices dripping down her skin and with one thrust he entered her, feeling her warmth and relative tightness surround him.

Dee's eyes opened wide and she arched up as he entered her. It was like nothing and everything she'd felt before. She knew his touch but had never been touched by him before. She stared, unseeing as he thrust in and out of her, her mouth open but silent as her world exploded around her.

Richie was caught unawares by the depth of feeling he suddenly experienced as he thrust into her and a sob caught in the back of his throat as he looked at her and his heart overflowed with joy

Dee opened her eyes to find Richie's face millimetres away from hers. She gave a little start and then smiled.

"I'm sorry did I fall asleep?" she asked, yawning as she snuggled into his arms, letting his natural warmth envelop her.

"In a manner of speaking." he replied, grinning at her.

"Huh?" she said, puzzled.

"The french call it La Petite Mort." he replied

"Huh?" she reiterated, raising an eyebrow.

"It seems darlin' that i made you come so hard you passed out. Hence the reason why i'm grinning. Ain't never done that before!" he all but crowed.

"Oh and it seems you're extremely pleased with yourself." she said, smiling into his chest but not wanting to look him in the eye as she felt a little embarrassed at passing out. He might not have made that happen before but she'd never passed out before.

"I sure am." He said, happily, as he pulled her closer to him and kissed the top of her head, "In fact I could get used to doing that." he chuckled.


  1. Wow that was hot. I'm sure I would pass out too.

    Can't wait for more!

  2. I wouldn't mind him practicing that on ME lmao


  3. That was HOT!