Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Chapter Nine

Saturday, 4pm

Dee looked at the piece of paper that sat by the phone. It didn't matter what she tried to do, whether it be the ironing which she hated, or the washing up which she loathed, her attention was drawn back to the simple piece of paper with THAT phone number on it. Irrationally she had a wave of loathing for the 911 database and the way it showed every number that dialled in, regardless of who it was calling. She knew that it was done to save people in case they got cut off but right then she wanted to take an axe to it.

Simon had been completely floored by her revelation. As a lab technician for the LA CSI he was well aware of the Data Protection Act but couldn't stop himself from listening to her as she poured out all that had taken place.

After she'd finished and Simon had literally picked his jaw up off the floor he had demanded that she call the number.

"I can't call him. What the hell am i going to say? 'oh hi you don't know me but i spoke to you last night whilst your ex girlfriend was dying on the floor and just wanted to say I really love your music'? give over Simon. I did what i did to help a person who needed my help and that's all. Yes i love the music, especially his, and yes you could say I used to be a huge fan but..."

"But what Dee? I've seen the poster you have on the inside of your wardrobe, hidden where no one can see it. "

"It's not a poster!" she shouted, getting angry that her flat mate knew her inside and out.

"What is it then?" he countered, smiling.

"A photo." she trailed off as the image of that photo came to mind. Taken in Covent Garden in 1994 when Jon and Richie had done an acoustic set for free, Richie had looked straight at her and she'd managed to get the most charming cheeky shot of him, sitting next to Jon, both playing their guitars in the outdoor market area; surrounded by pigeons and fans. It was a photo that she'd kept close to her heart and, in the case of her ex boyfriend back in the UK who had turned out to be well, insane, close to her chest. One memorable night when he'd wrecked their house, burnt all her collection of Bon Jovi memorabilia and had placed her in the hospital, she'd been glad that she'd had that photo in her handbag and out of his reach. It kept her strong and Simon knew that. Damn the man!

Simon had left to go meet his hairdresser and she was left alone with THAT number.

Butterflies had nothing on the dinosaurs rampaging in her chest as she picked it up and smoothed it out. It wasn't even a number she could easily forget and take the cowards way out.

'I'm sorry Simon it accidentally got involved in some bizarre fire ritual when i lit a cigarette and purposely burnt it.'

She shook her head at how silly and immature she felt. For god's sake girlie he's just a man! Nothing else, he still uses the bathroom like everyone else and farts and burps like the rest of us. With this rather strange thought in mind she leant over and quickly dialled the number before she could think of something else to do.

The phone rang. And rang and rang and rang.

She stopped feeling nervous and began to wish he'd pick up as she was feeling rather deflated. Just as she was about to hang up his answer machine kicked in.

"Hi you've reached the full time number for Richie and the part time number for Ava. Leave a message, you know when. If you're female, of age and sound cute I'll call you right back. Everyone else, get in line."

She smiled as she listened to the voice. Familiar now that she wasn't helping him try to keep someone alive. She laughed as he did at the end of his message then panicked as she realised the bleep was about to sound.

"oh er hi, my name's Dee, you probably don't remember me but i spoke to you last night and was just wondering how you're doing. I heard about your friend and i am really sorry for your loss. Well that was it, suppose I'll go now. Bye."

She winced as the complete lameness of her lack of real backbone hit her and she sagged down onto the sofa and buried her face in her hands groaning.

"To use one of Simon's words you are a right doofus!" she groaned to herself as she reached out for her packet of menthol cigarettes.

She was still sat in the same position when Simon popped back to pick up his toothbrush.

"Hey sweetie, did ya call him?" he called as he headed past her and into the bathroom.

"yes" she mumbled.

Simon poked his head out from the room off the lounge.

"Sorry darling didn't quite catch that?" he smiled, his blonde hair mussed up.

"Yes, i called him."

"Oh my god" he dropped everything and ran to her side.

"What did he say?, what happened?, was he OK?, was he mad you called? Tell me!"

"Oh fuck Simon, all i got was the answer machine and then i turned into a right doofus and left this really weird message. God knows what he's gonna think of it; of me."

"I thought you didn't care." Simon retorted slyly as Dee looked at him, her blue eyes worried.

"Oh fuck it Simon. I thought I'd gotten over this crush years ago. I'm 38 years old for fucks sake and I'm having a sort of panic attack over a message I've left for Richie Sambora who probably won't even know who the fuck i am, let alone remember that we spoke." She said, agitated, her heart racing in her chest

"Whoa, honey, calm down, calm down. it's ok, just breathe, stop bouncing around you'll crush something, ya gotta keep the faith."

Dee stopped fidgeting and look at her best friend.

"Have we stopped with the cliche's yet? Jeez just how many album titles were you gonna put in that sentence?" she smiled, feeling her heart rate slowing.

"Well i could have used Slippery when Wet, no problem, but New Jersey and Lost Highway had me a bit flummoxed i have to say." he sat next to her on the sofa and hugged her.

"Listen hon, i gotta go, Juan's waiting. Are you gonna be OK?" he asked, concerned.

"Yeah, yeah, you go. I'm just being stupid that's all. That call just took me back to a dark place when having Jon and Richie et al in my life really helped, but I'll be fine. OK? Stop worrying, go have 'fun with Juan'. " She hugged him, feeling grateful to have a best friend as good as him.

Simon retrieved his toiletries and with one last hug left to go have fun with Juan.

Dee sighed and settled back into the comfy but really old sofa. She switched on the TV and was channel surfing when the phone rang.


  1. OK, totally in LOVE with the Simon character (an no, no back door tyvm). I like the message she left; I'm surprised she had the balls to do it!

    OK; what's his reaction???

    ~ Hath

  2. Hath took the words right out of my mouth! I'm loving Simon and she is one tough cookie to leave a message I think I would just be whimpering like a dog from hearing his message when the beep happened. Can't wait to see what he does!