Friday, 16 January 2009

Chapter Fourteen

"So what happens next? I mean with the police? Are they waiting for the autopsy results? They should be done soon, unless there's a backlog." Dee queried Richie leaning against his chest as they sat channel flicking. Apparently he, too, was a channel flicker.

"Ooh ooh ooh, CMTV! leave it on that, i absolutely love Country Music." she said as he flicked onto that particular channel.

"Hell, i dunno. I guess we're all waiting to see what caused it I mean, one minute she's spitting mad at me, the next she crumples up and falls down the stairs." he shrugged, wrapping his arms around her waist, snuggling her into him.

Stella the cat had also crawled onto the sofa for company and she was asleep on Dee's lap. Richie reached down and scratched her ears, causing the little cat to purr in her sleep.

'Lucky thing' thought Dee with a smile as she watched Richie's large tanned hand stroke through the white fur on Stella's head.

"Does she belong to you or Simon?" he asked, as Stella continued to purr.

"Oh she's Simon's, but since I moved in she's sort of adopted me as her mummy." she replied, twisting her head to look at him.

Richie leant forward and kissed the tip of her nose, causing her to wrinkle it at him with a smile.

"So what's Simon like?" he asked, curious about the man who lived with his woman. His woman. He smiled to himself as he realised that was how he thought of her. It felt right.

"Simon? he's..., well I already had a flat set up for the move over here but when i went to move in, ugh, it was disgusting. It was cockroach infested with mouse dropping all over the kitchen and a dead bird in the bath tub. I went out, bought a local paper, saw an ad and called up. When he opened the door when i came to view the flat I have to say my tongue nearly fell out. He's about six foot one, slim build and had very long, dark brown curly hair with the most amazing crystal blue eyes like some kind of rock god. We clicked almost immediately and within half an hour me and my possessions had moved in. " She looked up at Richie to see a kind of thoughtful expression on his face.

She smiled at him and continued, "Then he dropped the bombshell that he was gay. I was devastated I tell you." she smiled at him cheekily and he realised she was joking with him.

"I told him I was fine with that as long as he was okay with me drooling over him all the time. He calls me his pet fag hag sometimes but he doesn't mind the drool as long as i don't touch!" she laughed.

"He's my best friend and i love him dearly, even if he has had all his hair cut off and bleached blonde just cause someone at work told him he's the spitting image of James Marsters and Simon has a thing for Spike so now i've gone from living with a gorgeous rock god to living with a vampire wannabe." she giggled.

"I can't wait to meet this guy, he sounds...unique" Richie murmured.

"Oh talking of unique, you have to see his room." she said, shooting off the sofa, upsetting the cat. She grabbed Richie's hand and led him off towards Simon's room.

Richie stood in the middle of Simon's room totally speechless.

"See i told you you had to see it."

"It's's ... very black."

"Vampire wannabe as i said. Black walls, black ceiling, black curtains, red carpet with a big double bed and a large mirror on the opposite wall. Probably to see if he's still got a reflection." she laughed.

"Where on earth does he keep his clothes?"

"In my wardrobe, and the closet."

"I do like the lamps though along the walls. What are they meant to be? Some mediaeval fire torch thing?"

"Yeah, something like that." she said

"Oh they flicker, just like real flames. Very goth. You know it would take a special kind of person to carry off a room like this and get away with it."

"Oh he is and he does." she smiled, as he continued to look around the room.

A small object caught her attention on the small bedside table he had and she turned to look closer at it. It was a small teddy bear she'd bought him for his birthday with 'Best Friends' printed on its belly.

She turned to look back at Richie only to find he'd gone.

"Richie?" she called out.

"In here." he replied, "This has gotta be your room, right?"

She followed his voice into her room and found him lounging on her bed. All of the fantasies she'd ever had regarding this man suddenly all sat up begging for attention.

"Yes, this is my room." she said, suddenly quite shy, he was the first man she'd allowed into her room since moving in.

"It's nice. I like the cream walls with the dark chocolate wall behind the bed. It really goes with the dark bedspread, makes it look really spacious and homey." he said looking around the large double room, "Plus the bed's really comfy. Bit of a bonus there." he laughed, his chocolate brown eyes twinkling sexily.

Dee found herself laughing along with him even though giant butterflies had suddenly taken up residence in her stomach.

Richie patted the bed next to him. "I don't bite you know." he said, his voice low and smooth.

She smiled and sat on the egde of the bed.

"Darlin' I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanna love you." he whispered as she lay down next to him.


  1. "Darlin' I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanna love you." he whispered as she lay down next to him.


    ~ Hath

  2. Umm...umm... *thuds* My bed is awfully comfy too! More PLEASE!


  3. "Darlin' I'm not going to hurt you. I just wanna love you." he whispered as she lay down next to him

    Ok, I'm now a puddle on the floor!

    More please...

  4. I wouldn't mind some love nibbles from him and some loving!!