Thursday, 22 January 2009

Chapter Sixteen

Forgive me as it's a short one but....

Sunday 2:54 am, LA

Dee rolled over into the warm spot recently vacated by Richie and smiled sleepily. She looked at the bedside clock. 2:54am. They had spent most of the evening talking, laughing at each others silly jokes and making love. Richie had gone for his phone at about midnight only to find 12 text messages and 15 voicemails from an ever increasingly irate Jon. Richie had switched his mobile onto silent in the police station and had forgotten to switch it back to normal. After calling and having to hold the phone away from his ear a couple of times he'd gotten dressed and, having promised to call her later, had left to go home.

Dee drifted back off into a warm deep sleep, feeling safe and content.


"Where the fuck where you man?" Jon asked his best friend as they they sat in the kitchen drinking coffee.

"I told you. I was at a friends." Richie replied, grinning. Even though he knew he was in deep shit he couldn't bring himself to care about it and wouldn't stop grinning which was pissing Jon off even more.

"For Fucks Sake!!!" Jon exploded. Again. "Why won't you take this fucking thing seriously man, you are looking at possible jail time if the coroner's report goes against you!"

Richie tried sobering up and found that he couldn't. He felt something that he hadn't felt for such a long time he was loathe to stop. Even for something as serious as a possible manslaughter charge.

"Richie, I swear....What the fuck is wrong with you?" Jon slammed his coffee mug down, spilling some on the counter.

"Do you believe in love at first sight?" Richie asked.

"What?" Jon replied, puzzled to the non- sequiter.

" I didn't; in fact i was beginning to believe love didn't exist, at least not for me. Then i met her."

"Her? Her who?"

"Dee. The 911 operator from the other night. That's who i was with. Man she is lovely. Normal but lovely just the same. her skin is perfect, her eyes are gorgeous and ," he made a cupping motion with both hands, "they're just the right size if you know what I mean."

"Whoa, hold on, lemme back up a bit. You are facing a manslaughter charge for the death of one of your numerous ex girlfriends and you're telling me you spent last night fucking the 911 operator who tried to help you save said ex girlfriend?" Jon asked, incredulously

"Mmm hmm" Richie nodded, grinning. Again.

"Man you are fucking unbelievable! I don't know whether to smack you one or high five you." He lay his head down on the counter and groaned. Of all the times for Richie to find love again it had to be this time.

"Ya know dude, sometimes i think five years away might do you the world of good." he said, his voice muffled by the counter.

Richie stuck his tongue out at him and continued grinning.

Jon's phone trilled and he answered it


"Jon? It's Larry. The autopsy report's in."

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