Saturday, 24 January 2009

Chapter Twenty Four

Dee stepped out from the shower and wrapped herself in the luxuriant large towel Richie had given her. She wrapped her hair in a smaller towel and stepped over to the sink to brush her teeth. She opened a medicine cabinet to find about a dozen unwrapped toothbrushes. She smiled, wryly, as she reached for one and unwrapped it. Either Richie was meticulous in his dental hygiene or else he’d had a LOT of visitors stay over night.

She cleaned her teeth, ruminating on everything that had happened since Saturday morning. If she was honest with herself she knew that there was a great chance that what she was doing would be found out and that she would lose her secondment and be packed off back to the UK, jobless and homeless but she also knew that she had to do what it took to prove his innocence. She couldn’t live with herself if she did nothing.

She thought of the various bruises that Nick had given her over the years they’d been together and about how ashamed she’d been about them, passing them off as various keep fit injuries. If only someone had been as concerned about her as she was for Richie she might have been saved what she had gone through. But then, she reasoned, I might never have come over here and would never have met him. Some hurts were meant to be.

She reached for the hairdryer, marvelling that in the US it was commonplace to have hairdryers in the bathroom, and began to blow dry her hair. It reached half way down her back and she was seriously considering getting it cut off as she battled with the brush and the hairdryer.

Richie took the brush from her and bade her sit down on the stool next to the sink.

He began to blow dry her hair, softly brushing through it to create a little flick at the ends and some body from the roots.

“Where did you learn to do this?” she asked as she felt the bristles scrape her scalp softly.

“I was married to an actress you know. She liked her hair being done for her and I just got roped into it I guess.” he replied wryly, bringing the brush down the length of her hair.

“ I could get used to this you know.” she replied smiling, “It’s just something I never envisioned any man, let alone you, doing..unless they’re gay I guess. Hmm, you’re not trying to tell me something are you?” she mocked.

“Cheeky mare, after this morning and last night you ask me if I’m gay?” he smiled, bending down to flick open her towel and cup one of her breasts in his palm.

She gasped at the heat of his hand, groaning as his thumb toyed with her erect nipple. She could feel heat pooling between her legs.

Richie swung her round, making her gasp.

“Hey, I AM the King of Swing you know” he joked, getting on his knees

“Rich, that was dreadf…” she broke off as he snaked his tongue out to taste her.

“Oh god!” she breathed, as he circled her clitoris with his hot, wet tongue, his hand making circles on her freshly shaved mound. She favoured the Brazilian look but rarely had the time to have it waxed.

He thrust his tongue up inside her, tasting her juices, letting his thumb caress her clit in lazy strokes. His hair tickled the inside of her thighs and she had to stop herself from clenching them together against the waves of pleasure he was creating inside her.

“Hmm, you taste good.” he murmured huskily against her, the vibrations from his voice sending ripples of pleasurable heat through her.

He could feel she was near and doubled his efforts, pressing down on her clit with bold, firm swipes that caused her thighs to start trembling.

He looked up at her from between her legs. Her chest was heaving as she panted, glassy eyed, totally lost in what he was doing to her. She was so responsive to him he loved it. Most of the women he’d dated over the years had done all they could to please him and hope to be remembered for doing so but all he’d ever wanted was someone who truly responded to his touch. Him, Richard Stephen Sambora, normal guy, not Richie Sambora, Rock Star.

Dee threw back her head, barely holding onto the stool as waves of the most intense pleasure swept through her.

“Oh god oh god oh god.” she moaned as her inner walls convulsed around his tongue.

Richie reached up and stroked her breasts as he felt her start to come down from on high.

Giving her clit one last swipe with his tongue, making her squeal, he stood up and bent down to kiss her, his tongue coated with her juices.

Finally, leaving her looking like a train wreck he stood up and smirked.

“Gay am I?” he said before leaving the bathroom.

Dee stared after him in complete amazement before pulling herself together and following him into the bedroom.

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  1. I love having someone do my hair too, especially if it ends like it did for Dee!