Monday, 12 January 2009

Chapter Four

"Hello?" Jon said, taking the phone from Richie. He'd switched it off from the speakerphone.
"Hello, may i ask who i'm talking to?"
"Uh, Jon, i'm Richie's friend."
"My name is Dee i'm a 911 operator. I've been talking to your friend, Richie is it?, very soon the police will be turning up and they will need to talk to him. Is there any place you can take him so that he's away from the paramedics and the body," Jon shuddered slightly, "so that he's calmer for when the police turn up. He's been through an awful shock and if it hasn't hit it yet it will do soon. I need you to make him a hot drink with sugar. I'm not sure it does anything medical but it does seem to help. He'll also need to sit down somewhere quiet." she paused.

"Is this part of your job? Giving out instructions after the emergency services have turned up?" he asked, wondering why she was still on the line.

"I'm sorry to ramble on, I don't usually do this but there was just something in his voice that cried out for help. I do apologise if i've stepped over a line." she faltered, not knowing, for the first time in her professional career as a 911 operator, what to say next.

"Hey, that's ok. He's a special man and i'll do everything i can for him."

"He must be sir, to have a friend like you. Good night sir"

Jon replaced the phone in it's cradle and turned to find Richie.

He was staring morosely at a half empty bottle of Jack he'd pulled out of the cupboard under the sink.

"Hey man, " Jon began softly, "That ain't gonna help. Here sit down, lemme make you a cup of tea then ..."

He turned in the direction of the hallway as he heard an authoritarian voice asking a paramedic questions.

Jon watched as a short dumpy man made his way over to them.

"Mr Sambora?" he asked

Jon pointed him towards Richie who was by now sat slumped over the breakfast bar, coming down from the rush of adrenalin.

The short fifty something man took out a badge and showed it to Jon.

"And your name is?" he asked, flashing his credentials

"Jonathan Francis Bongiovi."

"I'm Detective Tony Black and i'm in charge of the investigation into the death of Miss Denise Richards."

Richie gave a gasp behind the two men and slumped slowly off the stool and onto the floor.


  1. Ask and you shall receive! I just finished the last chapter when I saw a new one was up already...I could get used to this. I can't wait to see where this is gonna go!

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    This is great!!!

    She's dead?


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