Saturday, 24 January 2009

Chapter Twenty Two

Richie rolled over and woke up. The room was cool and dark and he yawned, feeling slightly disoriented. He peered at the alarm clock on the bedside table. 10:45pm

He scratched and got out of bed. He really needed a shower, his hair was lank and his head itched.

He walked off towards to marbled en-suite bathroom and turned on the shower, looking appreciatively at the large showerhead that H had insisted they get. He stepped into the shower and groaned as the hot water hit his skin. He stood, head bowed, bracing himself on the marble wall, allowing the water to cascade over him. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

What the hell was he going to do? H was sure to stop him from seeing Ava that he didn’t even want to think about it. She couldn’t even turn up to a football game to watch her without having someone with her. It was almost as if she never wanted to be on her own with him again. It saddened him that what they’d once shared had turned into this.

He felt hands on his torso and jumped slightly, turning to find Dee standing in the shower with him.

“I came up to see if you were ok.” she said, smiling at him, squinting as the spray of water skimmed her face.

His cock twitched at the sight of her, as he took in her full but petite figure. He reached for her and she stepped into his arms. Turning their faces away from the spray he kissed her hard and thoroughly, reaching a hand down between her legs to find her nub.

She stiffened slightly as his calloused but oh so gentle fingers deftly began to rub her clitoris. She reached down to take his cock in her hands and, reaching for the shower gel for a little bit of lubrication, began to move her hands up and down his shaft. He groaned in the back of his throat, then growled as she bit down on a nipple. He threw his head back, breathing deeply as she laved his chest, nipping and sucking.

He jammed two fingers inside her and began to pump then in and out, whilst his thumb kept pressure on her clit.

Her breathing became ragged as she felt the heat spiralling from her toes, pins and needles began to creep up her legs. She let out a ragged groan as her thigh muscles began to shake with the effort it took to stand.

Richie could feel her trembling in his arms and it was only through concentrating on her that he could hold out as her nimble fingers worked their magic on his cock.

He turned her around in the shower and pressed her up against the golden marble of the shower wall. Dee gasped as the cool marble pressed against her heated skin. She squealed as she felt him ram himself into her, allowing her only a moment or two to get used to him before he began to thrust in and out. Faster and faster, his hand never leaving her clit. She began to shake uncontrollably as her orgasm came upon her. She moaned as she felt her internal walls contract around him and felt him push past the contractions, creating even more friction. Desperate to find something to hold onto as she felt the orgasm threatening to overwhelm her she blindly reached out, her hands clenching with a will of their own.

Richie looked at the woman who had captured his heart and smiled as he felt her orgasm hit. He shuddered as she contracted hard around his engorged flesh, trapping him momentarily, before he could pound into her, hearing the slap of flesh on flesh. He could feel her juices flowing down her thighs, coating his.

Dee stiffened as an overwhelming blast of internal heat made her shudder. Her breath coming in gasps as she felt her legs begin to give way. She felt her ejaculate began to spray and she clenched her teeth as the intense pleasure pain took over her.

Richie felt her shuddering around him, and a warm spray against his leg, and couldn’t hold out against the intensity of feelings that flowed through him. He thrust into her over and over until he was spent. He lowered his head and rested it against her back, feeling her chest heaving as she tried to get her breath back.

After a few moments as they stood, still locked together in an intensity that neither wanted to break.

Richie moved first, easing himself out of her.

Dee turned to face him, feeling completely wiped out by the gamut of emotions she was feeling for this man.

She wrapped her arms around him and they stood under the spray of hot water, both feeling that they’d found the other half of themselves.

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